Cthulhu vs God vs Tatsunoko vs Capcom vs Damage to the Billions


So you think you followed E3 pretty hardcore eh?  I thought so too until I started perusing through the awards that were given out between the different media publications.  I missed two games completely, than upon finding them, I was very impressed.  In one case I was blown away.  I’d like to point out these two games, as they may just give Wii owners that much needed Street Fighter 4 game.  Also, for you DS owners out there, that game for you to explore your creativity and play something that might just be one of the best ideas to ever hit video gaming.Ryu Haduken

Ever wonder what 8.687 Billion damage would look like?  My guess is a nuclear explosion the likes of the state of Texas.  But that still might fall short to the new game being produced for the Wii called Tatsunoko vs Capcom.  I think the screen shots don’t do the justice that the game play videos show.  Fast animated “stylized” fighting, mixed with a smooth 60 fps and you might just have the closest thing to a solid fighter that the Wii has seen yet.  I must say I’m not a fan of fighters myself to the point where I’ll go pay full price for one, but I can understand there is a player base out there that loves this kind of game.  I felt it was my duty to make sure you knew this was coming out.

This game will put the Tatsunoko Anime Studio character library with that of the Capcom Library of fighters in an all out Battle Royal.  My guess is that you might even see a few you didn’t expect such as (Mega Man, Viewtiful Joe, Alex, Ryu, and Chun-Li from Streetfighter, among others) boasting a decent 23+ character list and the ability to use the classic remote or Wii remote.  This game could be what Wii fans have been waiting for if they don’t have the option of playing game like Soul Caliber, or SF4 on XB360 or PS3.

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Next up we have what might quite possibly be the most unique game to come out for any system.  Well, that’s a stretch, but the game is pretty cool looking.  I’m still confused as to how I passed up Scribblenauts for the DS through the entire E3 convention, but alas I did.  Now to describe why this game has won many Best in Show awards at E3.

Scribblenauts is a puzzle adventure that allows you, the player, to do ANYTHING you want to.  When I say anything I pretty much mean anything.  One report is stating the game has 10,000 in game items that are at your disposal with the typing of a few letters in the database entry system.  For 6 months, a group of developers, went through an encyclopedia and found over 10,000 items that could be used in the game. Quite a feat.  There are video demos of the game to explain how this worked, but I will give you a small idea.

You start off in a very simple level with a “Starlite” (star) in a tree and the goal is simple… Get the star down from the tree.  Now the game doesn’t allow you to type in actions and have them appear but more or less items that you can use to help you figure the level out.  The beauty is you can do it anyway you want to.  Type in the word “Axe” and it will appear on the screen.  Give it to your character and he will chop the tree down.  That sounds too easy, what about typing “Lumberjack” and he will take the axe and do it for you?  Be creative, as its the whole point of the game.

At one point the person showing the demo goes back to the first stage and types in “Cthulhu“… Yes the Evil Deity of H.P. Lovecraft’s work.  Cthulhu pops on the screen and then he decides to give him a formidable opponent… “God”.  Well God has the ability to do whatever he wants, but they decide to make it interesting and give him a “skateboard” and “shotgun” to even things up a bit.  Hey, its possible to kill Cthulhu with a shotgun… You can do it in Arkham Horror right?  They end up fighting and it becomes a draw as their final blows lay waste at the same time to each other.  I should mention that the star never came down from the tree in all of this, it was for pure enjoyment alone.  This is where Scribblenauts excels byond any game out there.

I have already started thinking of ideas that might prove useful into figuring this game out, but I am sure that things will get much harder and require you to come up with crazier ways that just using an axe on a tree.  If things hold true, this game could possibly be the most solid DS game on the market.  Look forward to this sometime in the fall.

E3 was big this year, and not a whole lot came out after the conferences, but I thought these two were the biggest surprises and still wonder why they weren’t shown at Nintendo’s conference.  However, the word is starting to spread and I think Scribblenauts will meet expectations both financially, and in quality.  I think that Tatsunoko vs Capcom, will be a great game, but I don’t think it will meet its financial expectations due to the fact that other than Capcom, no one really has much of an idea on what Tatsunoko really is unless your a fan.  Below I listed the two trailers for these games.  If you haven’t seen them yet, I highly suggest you do.

3 responses to “Cthulhu vs God vs Tatsunoko vs Capcom vs Damage to the Billions

  1. Wow. I can’t get excited about the anime, but Scribblenauts sounds amazing.

  2. Scribblenauts does indeed sound amazing, but as a friend of mine pointed out today, I now have concerns about the localization of the game.

    Different items mean different things in different countries, I am sure you’re well aware of the differences in naming objects between America and the UK, not to mention different spellings.

    I just hope all of this has been thought out. ;(

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