PNG Bro-down Episode 19 – Steves Jobs

Even WE are a little ashamed of this one...

PNG Bro-down Episode 19 – Steve’s Jobs

Well good morning, PNG fans!  This week we bring you the newly-the-same Pixels and Grids Bro-down; featuring our newest podcast member, Pete Irace!  On this episode, we talk [PROTOTYPE], Fable II, Cell Factor – Psychokinetic Wars, Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers, Free RPG Day, Uncomfortably shaped body parts, good morning shots of tequila, and the latest business venture that Steve Jobs has been embarking on.  Disclaimer: We hope you like talking about johnsons.

7 responses to “PNG Bro-down Episode 19 – Steves Jobs

  1. God, I can’t believe I posted that.

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