Metroid: Other M Trailer Breakdown

The trimphant return of Samas Aran

A Week late, but I promised to analyze the Metroid: Other M trailer for you.  To me, this was the game that proved to me that Nintendo hadn’t lost their touch completely.  There was still a bit of magic left in them, and they were proud to show it off even though it’s slated for sometime next year.  I remember watching all of E3 and wondering what was going to really make me take a step back and say “Wow!  This is why I love video games.”  It was this showing that made my mouth almost hit the floor, my eyes tear up from sheer anticipation and excitement. and my stomach turn upside-down.  This game is Metroid: Other M

Being produced in a joint effort between Nintendo, and Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive) was something that I don’t think anyone could have expected, nor thought possible.  In a million years I could have never guessed this would happen but to everyone’s surprise it’s real, and its coming.  I wanted to go through piece by piece and picture by picture of the trailer we saw at E3.  I think its important to know what to expect even though we have little to work with.  Here is what I came up with.

First Person, as we know it now.In terms of perspective, the trailer shows a first person mode, which I think was expected after the success of Retro’s three Metroid games for the Gamecube and Wii.  Something we didn’t expect was what every true, hardcore fan of the series wanted from the start… a 3rd person mode.  This is what we “were” used too, before FPS’s became the cat’s meow.  I remember telling myself, “I can handle a 3-D Metroid, how bad can it be?”  Could this be 2D?Well for me, I couldn’t stand it.  It drove me crazy to no end, and the 2 gamecube Metroid titles, have been pushed aside forever for me.  I tried both of them, gave each a solid chance, but just couldn’t accept the fact that this game was first person, as well as changing my loved storyline consisting of Space Pirates, Metroids, and most importantly… Mother Brain.  Well finally we get a choice, and from the looks of it, I think that change will work as well as we can hope it will.  Before I stop here, I want to point out something that is pure speculation at the moment.  I have noticed from watch3rd person face bashinging the trailer many times, that it seems some instances may even be 2D in terms of their style of combat.  I have faith in Team Ninja, especially if you have played either of the Ninja Gaiden games on the Xbox or Xb360.  The game play is solid for a 3rd person 3D fighter, and I expect the same out of this game.  Now to add a 2D mode, even just in certain areas of the game is totally cool with me.  I like the fact that it seems they might be trying to hit all avenues with this game for the new and the old fan base.  Considering the Prime series had a 2D mode for the morph ball, I could see them being successful with this.

Now on to some other things besides style.  I think for any Metroid fan, the story line has always been the key point to the series. The Samus Aran Ice Cream Cone for giant flying Dragon Beasts Nintendo took a space bounty hunter, and made her one of the most beloved characters of all time in gaming.  I think this is what Nintendo does so well.  Though it makes no sense for a character to die and come back in a next installment (Ganondorf – Legend of Zelda, or Bowser – Super Mario Brothers) they do it anyway, because they are recognized and loved by millions.  This is why Super Metroid did it so well.  Not only did they bring back Kraid, and Ridley, they brought new characters to the game and even put a spin on old ones such as “The Mother Brain”.  From the trailer, we notice Ridley is back.  I think its safe to say we expected that.  But no sign of Kraid as of yet.  Mother Brain in her super Metroid FormWhat must be noted though, is that it is almost a dead giveaway from some of these screenshots that Mother Brain is making her grand return.  Whats even better is it looks to be her second form from Super Metroid when she becomes a one-eyed hulking beast of a monster.

I want to make a note that I didn’t like Metroid Prime 1 or Prime 2 as I mentioned before.  However, I absolutely loved Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for the Wii, and to this day I think its the best Wii game to have been released.  First the controls were absolutely perfect in everyway, the graphics were stunningly gorgeous, and the storyline was The Great Eye see's youphenomenal.  But all in all, what kept me going was a little thing they threw in early on about something called the Aurora Units.  These were organic super computers built to link the Federation and Chozo information databases.  I was convinced that all the Prime business was leading up to the origins of the Mother Brain, and I was happily surprised to find out I was right in the end.  It’s been my opinon that Mother Brain was the backbone behind the storyline, and I had faith Nintendo would bring her back.  Well I’m happy to say that unless we have all been had, she’ll be making her return in Metroid: Other M as you can see in the shots there is substantial evidence that Mother Brain will be rocking the solar system in her dinosaur form yet again.Graphically, Metroid is the Wii's Top Game.

I think that covers it all.  We don’t know much about Samus’ abilities yet, but expect all the ones you know and love to be there such as the Morph Ball, Space Jump, Grappling hook, etc.  I think Nintendo did it right, but only time will tell if the game is really all that and a bag of chips.  I’m looking forward to this game more than any other game that is coming out as of right now.  I know that a big statement, but for every Call of Duty or Final Fantasy that come out, we really only get to experience nostalgia only so often anymore.  When you take a classic and add a modern twist to it, and its good, that’s all the reason to feel like you did when you were a kid and that game fell into your lap.  Its also quite possible that it may have been that game to where your journey started, and I believe it’s only going to get better from here.

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