PNG Bro-down Episode 21 – The Earth Rules #1

on the Earth, nerds have their pants pulled down and are spanked with earth rocks

 PNG Bro down Episode 21 – The Earth Rules #1

The PNG Bro-down gets intimate with a 3 man podcast.  Join us as we reign from our terraformed moon base to discuss Dungeons & Dragons Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Fallen Earth, The Darkness, Prototype, Planting Trees, Battlefield 1943 Release Dates, The Racist Nixon Years, Racist Avatar Awards, Starcraft II’s Lack of LAN Play, Native American Football Xperience, North Korea celebrating Independence Day Big Willy style, Midway’s acquisition by Warner Bros., and Michael Pachter. 

Oh, did we mention we have a moon base?  Yeah, cause we do!

**As Jim is taking care of his brand new bouncing baby boy, I have taken over for the night in editing the podcast.  You’ll find that it may not sound the same and I definitely messed up on some of the file information.  I apologize and you should see these amateur mistakes wiped out next week by our podcast pro.

8 responses to “PNG Bro-down Episode 21 – The Earth Rules #1

  1. Way to mislabel the actual mp3 file! 😛

  2. Jessica Abramovich

    Dave I am very disappointed! The battle system is what makes Eternal Sonata so good and as you go through the game you get used to it and it gets deeper. It just sounds like you’re bad at it. I’ll admit the story starts off slow, but it gets a ton better. Give it time! Oh and save yourself a headache, make the voices Japanese.

    • Dave? Bad at a video game?

    • I’ll still give it a chance, I am not going to give up on the game just yet. I just wanted to point out that it does a terrible job of getting you excited and wanting to play the game. Then again nothing compares to Prototype so I think I’m just jaded.

      • Jessica Abramovich

        Yeah i think its hard to go from throwing cars at helicopters to smacking little vegetables with umbrellas and batons. The story picks up and really becomes complex as you go along. Its not just Polka complaining that no one loves her.

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