week of the cop-out: pt 2

now you really DON'T have an excuse to play this game

I don’t know if you know this, but I like to get down with some Dungeons and Dragons.  I’ve also been known to get down with its digital counterpart, Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach.  DDO is an MMO.  This means that I have to fork over money every month to play this game.  That being said, I have no problem forking over money every month to play this game.  The real problem is that my friends (and due to this, I use the term loosely) fail to see the value and inherently leave me to brave the hazards of Stormreach alone.  I had all but given up hope on my dreams of high level raids and loot runs with my friends when I heard the news of some…changes being made to DDO.  The newest content module, number 9, will bring with it a slew of new feats, enhancements, spells, a new class, an increased level cap to the natural 20, and an entirely new payment structure. That’s right, DDO will become a free to play MMO, pioneering the realms of a micro-transaction based economy.  Free players have access to most everything, though be it in limited form.  From the DDO Store, players can purchase special classes and races, such as monks and Drow Elves as well as weapons, and even entire quest lines.  No values have been assigned to the inevitable “point” system that is forthcoming.  There will still be a monthly subscription fee ($15/month), for those players who want access to all of the features that they are used to, including: full mail, auction, voice, and tech support, as well as access to all playable races, classes, and quests.

So why am I talking about this instead of writing something worthwhile?  Because I just got my invitation to the closed beta today.  So instead of I’ll be spending my time coming up with something original, I’ll be exploring the dark recesses of the DDO store.  Oh, are you a file-planet member?  Then maybe it’s not too late to get into the beta yourself.  See you in Stormreach!


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