PNG TGIF 7/10/09

The only thing this game is missing is Tachikomas.

It’s another friday here at PNG and we are hooking you up with some links to free weekend gaming!

First up is a game I talked about on the podcast a little bit last night called NeoTokyo.  It’s a full conversion mod for any Half Life 2 Source game that let’s you download the Source SDK.  If you’re a fan of Ghost in the Shell and cyber punk and enjoy games like Counter Strike, you’ll find that this game should please your palate.  I dig it and hope to have some impressions up on the site soon.

If team based multiplayer FPS’s aren’t your bag and you love yourself a large open ended RPG, you can do some retro gaming courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.  They just announced that Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is now free.  Understand that it is being released as is with no technical or customer support.  You also need to run it through a DOS emulator that Bethesda so kindly points you to in the above link.

Hit the jump for the official NeoTokyo trailer and some random user trailer I yoinked from YouTube.

Neo Tokyo

Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

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