The Rockstar Treatment

Beard is the new black

It’s been about a month since Rockstar Games officially announced Max Payne 3, the third installment of the acclaimed, noir detective shooter.  Most gamers remember Max Payne (originally by Remedy Entertainment) for its dark atmosphere and humor, its pulpy comic narrative, and its action-movie gun play.  In fact, its hard to find a game that hasn’t borrowed from it, especially one feature: bullet time.  Like most noir, detective dramas, the first two Max Paynes have been set in the dark streets of New York City and run heavy with themes of love, betrayal and revenge.    Like all things, however, change is inevitable, and Rockstar has already said that they’re going to be mixing things up a bit for number 3.  So, what does this mean for our smarmy protagonist?  Hit the jump to see Rockstar’s killer formula in action.

film noir? more like film NAIR, amirite?

For those of you who missed it, last month’s Game Informer magazine gave the world its first glimpse of the new Max Payne:  Older, harder, edgier, older, dirtier, and with less hair (except on his face).  Also, instead of the tired, trite streets of the big apple, Rockstar has put Max in Sao Paulo, Brazil, arguably the hottest modern noir location.  Sooo noir that it probably needs its own word to define it: how about hotmod noir?  Since it seems that Rockstar does nothing but make money, perhaps they’re on to something here.  Maybe there’s a way to apply this formula of protagonist evolution to other, decidely-stale characters.  Get your notebooks ready marketing execs, because I’m about to make your job easy.






So, as you can see, not only does this formula churn out nothing but triple-A titles, it also can be applied to the world of cinema (especially after that movie gets a game adaptation!).  Hopefully, with this winning method, we’ll be able to see all of our favorite characters “reborn” in their next game.  See you in Sao Paulo gumshoes!


4 responses to “The Rockstar Treatment

  1. Don’t you ever change Logan!

  2. Pingback: Twitted by PNGJames

  3. Was that a Carmen Sandiego reference?

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