Remember When? A Question for our Readers…

Do you Remember the time?

No this has nothing to do with Michael Jackson, unless your fond of Moonwalker for Genesis…

I pose a simple question to our readers out there.  First off, let me start by saying I was listening to the music from Legend of Zelda – Link to the Past today.  I thought to myself…”I remember playing this game like 10 times throughout my life and why is it that I blow through a game as quick as possible now when back in those days I would play one game over and over and then maybe a year later play it again.  so on and so forth”.

I ask you fellow readers, what is it about today’s world and the game economy we live in in that gives a game a short life span, and doesn’t allow us to have those same feelings as we did when we were younger?

I still get that feeling today, but its so rare and occasional that I feel that the part of my life when nostalgia was so integral and common has all but disappeared from the way things are now.  I remember a few instances from my childhood when a purchase was more than a stop at the game store, it was an experience like no other.  Let me share a few stories from my childhood that I remember vividly with you and then hopefully you’ll share yours with us.

What happened to the Koopa Kids?Way back when the NES was around, Super Mario Bros. 3 had just appeared.  I remember the movie “The Wizard” and this is where my first glimpse of Super Mario Bros. 3 first appeared.  My stomach sank, my heart started beating and the overwhelming amount of excitement that pulsed through my body is something I’ll never forget.  Once the game released, I remember going to “It’s About Games” with my mom and after enough convincing took my 50 dollars to the counter and asked for my very own copy of that game.  I remember after buying it I told my mom “I’m so excited but to prove I have self control I’m going to take this home and not play it today, I’ll wait till tomorrow to let it all soak in”  I did just that.  It sat on my dresser for an entire day in the plastic wrap waiting to be played.  The game was worth every penny and I was able to complete the hell out of it multiple times, and as well again when Super Mario All-Stars came out for the SNES.  It was a great feeling.I'm here to save your life.... Really

Fast forward now to the summer when Super Metroid came out.  I didn’t get a chance to play the demo, I had just played the original multiple times and was amazed by the 16-bit graphics that the new one boasted.  Now at the time this game was during an era where SNES games ocassionally sold for $80 dollars.  I worked all summer for my aunts cleaning business and saved every penny.  When it came time to finally go an take that hard earned money to the counter I did with confidence knowing I was buying a great game.  Holy Crap was I right.  I played this game multiple times again, I beat it in under 2 hours and got the special ending.  I even remember getting grounded and I was at Mother Brain at this point, sneaking downstairs 2 hours before school and before anyone was up and beating the game without my mom knowing.  Remember getting grounded from Video Games, it was like water-boarding for children.  It was awful, but those memories will stay with my forever.

Do OneThen Nintendo 64 came around and a game called “Star Fox 64” was released.  I had read about it in my Nintendo Power and heard about the “Rumble Pack” and was so excited.  My Grandma wanted to get me a birthday gift, so we took a ride to the local EB Games and I saw it there in the huge box and with again another price tag of $80 dollars and said “thats the game I want”.  Once again I took it home and from that point played the hell out of it.  I beat it multiple times through, got the easy and hard endings and will never forget that experience that game gave me.

I have so many more stories.  One even includes Tiny Toons: Buster Busts Loose for the SNES and how the $80 dollars I spent on that was worth it as well.  But I’ll save it for another time.

I have been trying to figure out what was different then, that has changed now.  Is it the fact that I have a 40 hour a week job, bills to pay, a girlfriend to spend time with, futures to think about?  Is it the quality of the games that are coming out, is it the prices?  I often ponder if we have been desensitized to games, or burned by the bad ones.  Angry at the Little companies flooding the market with garbage, or the fact that kids don’t want a challenge.  Do they even know what they’re buying anymore, or is judging a book by its cover to be frank.  I don’t know but my guess is that its a complilation of all these things that I just can’t put my finger on.

I want so much to have those memories again with the current generation of games.  I feel that for me, It went away after the PS2 and the Gamecube.  I have loved a lot of games in the last 5 years but nothing for the Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii has made me feel like that again.  When I think back to those days as a kid and look back a few years ago at the games that have come out, only a few really stand out but none give the same experience I had back then.  It’s sad because maybe it’s just part of growing up, though gamers will never fully grow up.  But we hold true to those memories and will never let them escape us.  As to many of you, those were some of the best times of our younger lives.

Do me a favor and comment any story or memory you might have from something recently, or even from your childhood.  Give me your take on what’s changed as this is all opinion based.  I can’t seem to solidify a reason as I have been thinking about it for years, so I’d like your take on it.  I hope you enjoyed this piece, a personal trip into my memories.


12 responses to “Remember When? A Question for our Readers…


  2. thats what I had when I was a kid, so what! I have more stories I can throw in some genesis ones, or how about the fact that I traded everything I owned, including games that I could have easily made more than 250 for now like Panzer Dragoon Saga for a Dreamcast. I got stories those are just the ones I thought of first. Back off! 🙂

  3. TLDR version.

    It’s because you’re still stuck on nintendo

    • Wow, what a jerk. Your missing the point of the site. It’s not meant to be news on the minute every minute its meant for editorials from the authors. We’re not competing with other sites so the articles might be a big longer but that’s because we’re not trying to be like them.

      You don’t have to read it, I just wanted some feeback and so far haven’t gotten any.

      • Also Russ,

        I don’t want you to think I’m being mean. I was just hoping for some actual feedback to the article, not quick one liners. I appreciate you at least taking the time to check it out.

        I see where both you and James think I’m stuck on some Nintendo habit that won’t die, but I enjoyed those games listed above as much as you did. I didn’t want to get into everything that I experienced as a kid otherwise no one would have read it. Point was to find out what other people remembered from those days and compare them to how they feel now. Those were just the ones I remembered cause an NES and SNES was all I ever had.

        I apologize if I came across brash, I was just disappointed to see nothing on the article except people calling me out for liking old Nintendo Games.

        • Sorry, haven’t been back in a few days.

          The TLDR version was directed more at myself than you. I had a couple paragraphs typed out regarding how I thought differently when I was a child and how games then sucked but I loved them anyway. But then I thought it sounded gay so I deleted it and decided to poop on nintendo again.

          I <3'd nintendo back in the day. There were a lot of great games back then.

          But maybe they were only great because I was a kid. Maybe I'm a nintendo hater because i'm over 30 and want more than nintendogs out of them.

          I wasn't trying to say your editorial was too long at all. I should have expressed myself better.

          btw, i'm still a troll.

          • Russ, no problem buddy. I totally understand where your coming from. A lot of people are like that now. I guess I just never let go of my childhood which is partly why I’m so attached to those old games and the ones that continue to come out that share those similarities.

            Your a pretty troll at least.

  4. Well that got a little out of hand. 😛

    Truth be told, besides Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Super Metroid, there haven’t been a lot of games that I would go back to and complete over and over again even as a child. The closest thing I got to that kind of desire to replay those old school games was Resident Evil 4 and Battlefield: Bad Company. With the lack of time that I have on any given day, I find it hard to devote what little I have to spare on a game that can’t keep my interest.

    All of that being said, I think some companies may take advantage of the modern day gamers lack of time by charging full price for a 6 hour game with no replay value. We’re looking at you Wanted: Weapons of Fate… and pretty much anything else you put out Grin.

  5. “what is it about today’s world and the game economy we live in in that gives a game a short life span, and doesn’t allow us to have those same feelings as we did when we were younger?”

    Interesting question but really a very simple answer if you give it enough thought. Three reasons I would give:

    1) THE INHERENT NATURE OF BEING A CHILD. When you’re a kid, you’re convinced that the next thing you experience will be the best thing ever. And, usually (because you haven’t experienced that much) it is. However, once you become a hardened adult and learned harsh lessons in life, you convince yourself that everything that happened to you as a child had to have been so extremely wonderful in comparison to your (universal your, not you Dave) stupid life. However, in actuality, you were really an annoying little douchebag doing annoying douchebaggy things.

    Also, part of the inherent nature of being a child is lack of resources and availability. I mean, its just common sense that you would play games over and over back then when I’m assuming you rarely had $50 in your pocket to go buy something else. Unless, you were some kind of spoiled annoying douchebag.

    2) MARKETING. The video game industry is so much more than it was when we were kids. How often did you see a video game commercial on TV back then? How many local game shops were there? You didn’t even have PNG or even the Internet back then! Nowadays huge mega corporations spend alot of money cramming the next best thing down your throat that you can’t help but get excited and there’s just not enough time in the day to play that game you bought LAST month.

    3) YOU (not the universal you, I’m talking to you Dave) HAVE WORKED IN THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY FOR YEARS. In addition to the piles of marketing shoved down your throat in your personal time, you get a whole heaping helping crammed down your gullet in your professional life. Of course it’s going to be hard for something to grasp you now like it did when you were a kid. Supply and demand sir. You’re inundated, nay saturated in supply.

    • QFT

      I think you hit the nails on the heads with this.

    • Your reply is so insightful and articulate I feel dumb for even replying to you. But I had to say you figured out a way to combine everything I was thinking and put it in one nice little package.

      All of this is true, I just wish it wasn’t 😦

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