E-74 Error Hits Home and I Weep Like a Small Child

My Xbox 360 is still taunting me from Mesquite, Texas

On last weeks PNG Bro-down, it was made public that my Xbox 360 came down with a nasty E-74 error at a most embarrassing time roughly 2 weeks ago.  While some bros and I were taking a break from the night’s festivities for some newly released Battlefield 1943 action, it struck from the darkest pits of the nine circles of hell.  We got a few games in before something odd started happening with the graphics.  Everything took on a “Matrix like” green hue with lines of characters running down the screen.  A quick reset brought about the red rimmed, green eyed monster that you see mocking me in the picture above. 

I wanted to be mad, I wanted to cry, I wanted to smite Steve Ballmer from his throne of blood and bone… but this little error has been floating around for quite a while so I was well aware that it was a possibility.  It’s basically what is called the Red Ring of Death (RRoD) and means there’s some sort of hardware failure with the Xbox.  Due to how widespread it is, Microsoft was kind enough to extend the original warranty on Xbox 360’s to 3 years for the RRoD and the E-74 error. 

The return process is fairly painless as long as you have a box to pack it in and it won’t kill you to be without it for roughly 3 weeks.  You can either call customer service, shoot an e-mail, or do it completely online.  Microsoft then sends you a UPS shipping label through the US Post office and you simply place it on the box you packed your broken Xbox in and ship it out through UPS.  You can keep an eye on the entire process (picture of the repair screen at the end of the post) and even track the package as it goes back to the repair center.  As of now, despite the wait, I’m satisfied with how things have went so far and like the fact that it’s not costing me a thing except time.  The only unfortunate thing is that I probably won’t get it back until a couple days before I roll out to Gencon.  And that my system will still probably be an unruly jackass.

Oh, you'll get yours Xbox

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