PNG Daily 8/3/2009: Don’t Call it A Comeback

PNG is blue like candy!
Due to an absurd error on my part, my Gencon article for today is floating out of reach and will have to be posted tomorrow.  This leaves me in a bind as we love to try and give you new content every day during the week.  Enter the always reliable and quick cop out, The PNG Daily!  It’s always there for us in a bind and always puts the toilet seat down.

Hit the jump for some news about ads slowing stealing your game time in Wipeout HD, no friend codes in Guitar Hero 5 for Wii, Square Enix gives us something to look forward to with another countdown timer, why Capcom is giving away Pringles cans, and how you can get your spot in the Hello Kitty Online Beta!

Joystiq has a post up about the latest patch in Wipeout HD putting ads in the load screens.  It ends up adding something absurd like 11 seconds to the standard load time.  While this may seem like a paltry number, I want you to think about having to wait an extra 11 seconds just to watch an ad while waiting to go to the next race on a game you paid for.  YOU JUST PAID TO WATCH ADS!

In a move that should have been done with pretty much every Wii game ever, Guitar Hero 5 for the Wii will not use friend codes.  The post from Kotaku goes on to say that it will instead use the system’s address book.  Welcome to 2006 kids, it’s good to have you here!

Square-Enix, having recently saw the success of various countdown timers including their own, have posted… another countdown teaser site.  Speculation is that it’s a teaser for a Final Fantasy VII remake as the site originally had the roman number “VII” on the page.  Of course, this was the speculation when they put up that other teaser countdown.  I’m going to add to the madness and speculate it’s another Chrono Trigger.

As we all know, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 dropped on XBLA last wednesday.  In celebration, Capcom is giving away Pringles cans autographed by Michael “IFC Yipes” Mendoza.  If you don’t know who he is or what Pringles has to do with MvC2, I suggest you watch the embedded NSFW video at the end of the post and learn yourself something.

Best news of the day.  Hello Kitty Online is finally accepting beta applications.  Why are you still here?  Go there!

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