This is Game Town!

 Pixels and Grids, it's like a nuclear bomb.

 Indianapolis… the city of lights, bars, and games.  Its official!  Gencon 2009 is here and so is (some of) the PNG crew.  We got here later than expected today due to some unforeseen issues this morning, but after a long car ride, a lot of SYC, and some refilling of transmission fluid, we arrived precisely when we meant to.  That’s right, just like a Wizard.

Keep an eye on the site.  When we are able to find free internet (we don’t feel like paying for it) we will be sure to keep you as updated as possible.  We want you to feel like you are here with us, except minus the irreversible damage to your liver.

One response to “This is Game Town!

    It’s like a nuclear bomb

    totally our new slogan

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