FFXIV Gameplay Footage from Gamescon

Granted not much in terms of detail, but ahhhhhhh! I’m excited now.

Notice the lack of a menu system?  The game now has a hotbar at the bottom to make it more like the MMORPG’s that we all play today.

Also, notice the bar that appears when he kills one of those chicken things. 3/6, 4/6 etc.Looks like you’ll be doing the quest/kill stuff from WoW and LOTRO.

5 responses to “FFXIV Gameplay Footage from Gamescon

  1. OOF, putting a solid blue block in the middle of the screen is probably one of the ugliest things I’ve seen in an MMO. You better be able to make that kind of shit translucent.

    • Yeah I can see what you mean. That is pretty bad. We can only hope it changes for the better.

      Also, at least in LOTRO, you can customize your menu pop-ups and place them anywhere on the screen. I hope they at least put that functionality in the game

  2. wow, that looks………..

    boring :/

    • Understandable, but it was the first footage of the game, and it wasn’t released by SE.
      If it was you could have expected a 15 minute long cut scene at least. I’m happy with whatever I can get.

    • That is to be expected from somebody who rarely likes MMO’s. I guess Dave and I are just huge fanboys of Final Fantasy XI and this trailer (with the exception of the ugly blue box) gets me a little moist inside.

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