Summer vacation. Gencon edition

We didn't actually go to the showing, but you could imagine... right?Ah. The first thing most ten year olds do on the first day of english class. They write about what they did on their summer vacation.  Trips to SeaWorld, Disney Land, smelly old Aunt Agnes’s smelly old cats and other lame tales of things lame little kids do.  What did I do?  I drank a lot and bothered people in the gaming industry for a week.

When last we met, I tried to give away a free copy of Fallout 3 for the PC.  No one entered. Screw you. I still have the game, and I still can’t give it away. That’s besides the point though and I just wanted to point it out.

Right. Gencon.

Space is coolThe first thing I do at any Gencon is run by the booth that controls Shadowrun, be it Fanpro in the past or Catalyst Game Labs in the present, and check out what’s going on in the Sixth World.  They popped out new Seattle 2072 hardcovers, an April Fool’s joke gone too far, and a whole new product that I couldn’t resist. Eclipse Phase – the transhumanist adventures of horror and conspiracy in outer space.  I’ll address this game in a separate post, but to summarize quickly, your mind can be converted to binary and transferred from body to body, prolonging your life.  This does not come without cost, as the process has been known to drive people insane, cause them to lose large chunks of memory, or the process simply fails and consciousness ceases to exists.  Did I mention it happens in outer space? Awesome stuff from Rob Boyle and the crew at Catalyst Game Labs and Posthuman Studios.

I checked out Geist, as mentioned in the Gencon Podcasts, which I’ll dig deeper into later next week, so as to not litter this post with things mentioned in other places.  White Wolf was really pushing Geist and didn’t offer much else of interest to me, to be honest.

Then I came upon Dragon Age Origins at the Bioware booth.  My god, is this game a wet dream for me.  I haven’t been this excited for a game since Baldur’s Gate II, and that’s saying something.  After talking to the lead writer whose name sadly escapes me at the moment, (coincidentally, he worked on BGII as well…) I knew he was dedicated to the project, explaining that he wrote a lot of dialogue.  I’d make up a number in the thousands of pages, but ‘a lot’ were the exact words he used.  After watching an ogre pick up the leader of the party and pummel the hell out of them, I wandered away.  I didn’t want to be spoiled too much.  I’ve enough anticipation for the game as it is, I didn’t really need to be fucked in the eye sockets and lose control of my bowels in front of the lead writer.  It’s bad press and not professional.

The big three I was going to mention are out of the way.  Here’s some minor stuff.

The folks at made a cute little game.  You play an ugly bald kid with big ears and a point and click interface on a quest to build an odd society.  Really though, it’s a neat little game made by some independent French Canadians.  Check it out.

sndlogoSmirk and Dagger Games had a demo up for Shootin Ladders, a devious derivation of Shoots N’ Ladders in the same vain of Run For Your Life, Candyman!  I didn’t get a chance to actually demo it, as I wanted our own Dave Reid to play some Candyman, but I did manage to line  up a Q&A session with the deviant behind Smirk And Dagger, Curt Covert.  I should have that up sometime next week as both our schedules allow.

Lastly, I delved deep into the underbelly of video game cosplay.  And by delved deeply, I mean I hung out with my friends at the Kingdom Arts booth and did no delving at all-  ran rum past the blockades for them, and even worked their booth.  And by worked their booth, I mean I told whomever walked up to it that they were both taking a leak and would be back in ten minutes.  Disclaimer: I greeted everyone who came to the booth with a smile, and did not use the exact phrase mentioned above at all.  It was a nice experience, though, as I’ve been to plenty of cons but never on the other side of the booth.  I watched the slow times and the high times.  Especially the slow times.  You poor souls.  My heart goes out to the guys and gals at the booths that make the cons worth going to.

Anyway, I’m done boring you with my first assignment of the new school year.  At least I didn’t write out an introduction to my hobbies and what my favourite flavours of ice creams are.  Stay tuned for Eclipse Phase reviews, Geist reviews, Q&A with the Smirk and Dagger bigwig and a list of all my favourite ice creams.

Part of the PNG Gencon ’09 Wrap Up series of articles.

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