PNG At the Movies – District 9

District 9Greeting PNG readers.  I thought I might throw in something your not used to seeing here for the fun of it.  It’s not going to be a common occurrence that you’ll see a movie review on the site and by no means is this a movie review.  This is more or less something you need to know.

District 9 is completely different from what you might think it is.  This movie has been pushed, and advertised quite a bit, and usually when that happens, there is usually an agenda behind it.  There is a reason Hollywood wants you to see this movie, and for all the hype it has gotten, I can understand your feelings of discord for this movie.  I am here to tell you, to throw all that away and put that $8.25  from your wallet into a trip to the movies to see District 9.  It was worth every penny.

I was intrigued and skeptical about it at first especially since Peter Jackson’s name was on it.  I later found out that Wingnut Productions was also part of the making of this film.  When I found that out I was even more intrigued and skeptical.  But over all I’m glad that he did put his name on it.  If he didn’t this movie may not have gotten the 40+ million dollar weekend it so rightfully deserved.

Now, will I tell you anything about this movie?  Will I give you a general idea on what to expect?  Will I even tell you how long it is?  The answer is simply “NO”  I will not ruin anything about the film, as in my opinion, any small detail outside the scope of the trailer could potentially ruin the whole movie.  Go in fresh, and blind, and you will simply love everything about the film.  It will bring out emotion, it brings out your curiosity, and it brings out the sense of awe we all love to experience from a film.

Please go and experience District 9 before it leaves the theater.  I can almost promise you that you will love it.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2


8 responses to “PNG At the Movies – District 9

  1. Okay, you’re the second site I respect to tell me that this is a must see. Time to get my ass to a cinema clearly 😉

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