PNG Sneak Peek – Magic the Gathering: Zendikar Spoilers!

PNG has the Zendikar big cheats!

So we hear you guys like yourself some Magic spoilers, eh?  Do you dig tapping that land, walking those planes, and casting those spells?  Are you dying for a sneak peak at the next expansion for Magic the Gathering?  Well Pixels and Grids hit the mother load thanks to Wizards and their PR firm and got hooked up with spoilers for 11 cards for Magic’s upcoming expansion, Zendikar.  Zendikar also marks the beginning of a new block and has an emphasis on lands.  In the spoilers you’ll see examples of a couple of new mechanics and types of cards such as Landfall (Plated Geopede -R) and Trap (Windfall Trap – U).  In addition to some gorgeous artwork for the lands, you should definitely look at potentially powerful cards such as Teetering Peaks (land) and Oran-ReifSurvivalist (G).  Zendikar is scheduled to hit a game and hobby shop near you on October 2nd, 2009.   Hit the break for those hot new pics!

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