No dumpster Love in the motherland

I don’t intend to make a big deal out of this, but I find the “Trial and Fail” aspects of the story fairly entertaining.  I mainly say this because, of the groups that try to impose their reasoning on gamers. The notion that we would ever decide to go along with something like this, it blows me away.  Where to begin?

In Germany, earlier this year there was a school shooting at Winnenden School.  Obviously this is tragic, and in no way is this meant to make fun of the lives lost and the tragedy itself.  Where I find this story to be comical is the actions taken by the group Aktionsbündnis Amoklauf Winnenden.  This group is made up of the friends and family of the victims of that school shooting.  Their actions, while I believe they don’t completely blame violent video games, called out a very large number of German gamers in the community to help stand against violence in games.

The goal of the project was to have “said gamers” take their Violent video games, and throw them into a very large dumpster they had rented.  As you will see in the video, the dumpster is huge!  All seriousness aside, this is where hilarity ensues.  And to be fair, I think this is where it is also sad especially for the parents and friends who tried to make this successful.

Only 3 games are thrown away.  We aren’t even sure which ones are thrown out, but here is the deal.  I believe that every normal human being out there understands, tragedy, and loss.  But when you are making a bold statement as that violent video games are the cause of a school shooting, you’ll be dealing with an angry mob of kids, teens, and adults who see it as a sense of enjoyment and relaxation.  Granted, it is very possible for someone to be influenced enough to go on a rampage, but the same can be said about movies, music, and just about any form of consumable media.

With everything in life comes responsibility.  Drinking?  Then maybe you shouldn’t drive.  Driving without a safety belt?  Your odds of survival in a crash are drastically reduced.  It’s common sense, and if everything has a good and bad side, then by god everything must be destroyed including the human race.  That’s a bit bold, but my point being is everything has two sides, its up to the individual to make the choice, and the parents to be in the life of that child to steer them in the right direction.  Don’t blame media, movies, games, etc.  It’s not fair and it just makes you a laughing stock when things don’t pan out.  We as gamers love our hobby, and its not going to change.  Until I see Grand Theft Simulator, or How to be a Soldier 2, then i think its fair to say games are media, they are enjoyed by many, and are harmless when the right judgement is used.

All seriousness aside part 2.  Please check the video out.  I laughed… for quite a while.  Only because of the size of the dumster, and the 3 games that made it.  Personally I think if there were more, then they must have been stolen.  What have we become as a race? 🙂


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