American McGee’s Alice 2 Trailer

Nice little Halloween treat over the weekend.  A rogue trailer for American McGees’s Alice 2 was released.  Although it is much more a teaser, it’s better than what we have gotten over the years which has been more speculation than anything else.

I for one loved the hell out of the original and this just gets me more and more excited for the sequel to one of my favorite PC games ever.  A macabe version of Alice in Wonderland, complete with blood, gore, dementia, and spookiness.  Check out the video, but expect to wait a long time for this one still.  2011 to be exact.

Hey, at least it’s gonna come out before the world ends in 2012 right?


One response to “American McGee’s Alice 2 Trailer

  1. While I really adored the first one, I never finished it and that’s a shame. Still looking forward to playing this. It’ll be the first good game American McGee has released since the first Alice.

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