PNG Bro-Down Episode 34 – This is R-Zone


PNG Bro-Down Episode 34 – This is R-Zone

And we’re back with another fresh and hearty episode of the PNG Bro-Down.  In a world where Tribes still reigns supreme, we still manage to muster some enthusiasm for games such as Dragon Age, God of War 3, Borderlands, and You Robot.  Other topics include Tiger’s R-Zone, LED Football, Gran Turismo 5 ‘s $60 million development cost, the death of the N-GAGE platform, game & watch, and how we just can’t seem to stop playing Tribes.  We also read and e-mail from Superfan Lars and get serious about who’s responsible for a disappointing day one purchase.  Is it you, the media, developers, or publishers? 

Have an opinion you’d like to share and have us talk about?  Send an e-mail to, call and leave a voicemail at (216)367-9088, or leave a message on Skype at PIXELSANDGRIDS.  See you next week!


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