PNG Review: Plain Sight

 Publisher:  Beatnik Games

Developer:  Beatnik Games

MSRP:  $9.99 (PC)

Grade:  A-

Ninja robots.  It just kind of rolls off the tongue in such a way that brings a smile to every growing boys face.  The very sight of a robot ninja could make your eyes glow just like it was christmas morning.  At least this is the feeling I got when browsing through Steam’s offering during a boring and uneventful lunch hour.  That is when I stumbled across a little indie gem called Plain Sight.  Hit the jump for some more details, screenshots, and the launch trailer. 

This is a strictly multiplayer game with 5 different game modes that range from deathmatch to a mode called Ninja! Ninja! Robozilla!  While the rules vary a little from each mode the basic premise is the same.  You lock on to other ninja robots by clicking and holding your left mouse button.  When you are close enough for a kill, the reticule will turn red and you can release the mouse button.  If your timing is right, you’ll destroy the other player and steal his energy.  Now, energy does not automatically equal points.  To get points you need to actually blow yourself up and hope that you take a few other players with you in the explosion.  Those points will also give you experience that you can use to purchase upgrades for that game round.  These range from letting you run faster, jump higher, or explode faster. 

After hours of flying around with my little robot ninja destroying other robots and blowing myself up, I was hooked.  Like every game though, it has its issues.  Mainly, there’s a whole lot of camera movement that may cause people who get sick from playing third or first person games to get a little nauseous.  The tutorial is also a little sub par and you really only get a feel for how the game controls when you jump into a multiplayer match.  Other than those little misgivings, the game is an absolute blast and worth the meager price of entry.

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