PNG Beard of the Week!

Solid Snake wins the first ever Pixels and Grids Beard of the Week award for an entire series of games worth of badass stubble to full on jungle growth (and in his later years, a Wal-Mart greeter moustache, but we’re not counting that. It looked dumb. Don’t argue. It did.)


Beginning with Metal Gear Solid, on the PSone, Snake showed his affinity for facial hair with a slow growth progressing over the nextwo games.  Before you bother pointing out that it was Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, you can shut up. For the purpose of Beard of the Week, evil twins and clones are counted as one name until I randomly change the rules.   

Enjoy a small sampling of Solid Snake’s beard-festing in May.  

Respect the beard. See also: Eyepatch

"Sneaking Suits" must be hard to get on with a beard in the way.

Bandages and beards are badass.

Nothing says badass like a bullet wounds and beards.

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