PNG Bro-Down Episode 39 – Amateur Hour

PNG Bro-Down Episode 39 – Amateur Hour
Cast:  James, Dave, and Logan

Slowly, we rebuild the PNG Bro-Down to the oppressive and unsympathetic giant of the podcasting world with an appearance by old school caster Logan Persons.  In this episode, we talk about Warmachine & Hordes, Barack O-Lego-Bama, Matthew Porretta, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Mario Galaxy 2, Alan Wake, and other interesting and sometimes game related stuff.  In the news section we read off a list of games making an appearance by publisher and discuss they may have on this volatile industry.  Oh, and there’s some comedy in there for you.

Show notes;
-I am so sorry for the echo.  It’s coming from my USB headset and I hope to fix that in the next cast.
-The mixing in the first part is also a little unbalanced.  Once again, will be fixed in the next cast.
-Finally, around the two hour mark, Dave mutes his mic for a good 20 minutes and goes on a spectacular and terrifying rant that we wish you could hear.  We plan on breaking his mute button for the next cast. 
-The song for this week is Joe Esposito’s You’re the Best.

2 responses to “PNG Bro-Down Episode 39 – Amateur Hour

  1. OMG that is the funniest and best Photoshop you’ve ever done. James, you are the most talented man I’ve ever known. Bravo!

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