PNG Gencon ’09 Retrospective

With Gencon a mere weeks away, we want to take a moment to reflect on our time spent as amatuer bloggers at last years convention.  The days were full of interviews, demos, gaming, and a couple of podcasts.  You can find a list of all our Gencon ’09 articles in our PNG Gencon ’09 Wrap Up post.  We covered as much as we could but obviously there was some stuff we didn’t get to post about or even have a chance to experience.  The size and scope of Gencon is so big that there simply isn’t enough time to do everything.  It’s has become so large that gaming events are starting to push into a day or two before the convention for the die hard attendees.  We tried our best to convery this  last year through a series of articles leading up to the convention.  The series started with the first article detailing the dealer hall.  If you click that link you can walk through all four articles that also cover gaming at the con, non-gaming events, and a the social aspect of the con.  All of these articles are an excellent resource for first time con attendees but can also serve as fuel for the fire that burns within everybody who has been to the con and can’t wait for August 5th to roll around.

This year, expect much of the same.  We’ll get a few pre con articles up and get whatever we can done during the con.  The majority of articles will start to pour out after the convention.  If you are one of the poor souls that cannot make it this year, let us know if there’s something that you wanted to try or see.  We’ll do our best to give it a go and then put up some information about it.  Keep checking the site before and during the con as PNG prepares for the best four days in gaming.

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