PNG Bro-Down Episode 41 – 3DeeznutS

It's like real life, except with way more D's!PNG Bro Down Episode 41 – 3DeeznutS
Cast: James Jones, David Reid, Steven Mackowski
Guest Appearance: Logan Persons

Like an old friend that seems to have never left but you wish they would stay away, the PNG Bro-Down explodes back in to the podcast scene.  We waste no time in wasting time but still manage to talk about some relatively new games like Call of Duty: Black Ops (360), Starcraft II (PC), Xbox Kinect, Fable III(360), Forza III(360), Gran Turismo 5(PS3), Plants Vs. Zombies (PC), Amensia(PC), and 999 (9 hours 9 Persons 9 Doors) (DS).  There is, as always some comedy in there and some nerd bits like who are the villains in the next batman movie, James’ epic adventure to Philly, and Dave experiences 20 years of growing up in the span of 8 months.  There is much more, but as you expect, we have the attention span of Dave drinking half a bottle of Black Velvet and spilling it all over James’ brand new board game.

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Show notes:
-Show length is around 2.5 hours long
-Sound file is large due to the high sampling rate.  This will be reduced in the next cast
-Logan gets pulled in to the Skype cast in the first 15 minutes after the break.  He is not pleased.  =D
-Intro song is something that James Jones (guitar & vocals) and Ron Szalkowski (drums and vocals) cooked up for an intro to the podcast awhile ago.
-Break was cooked up by James Jones(Android), Ron Szalkowski(iPhone), and Logan Persons(iPhone) through apps on their smartphones.
-Outro is Faces by Scary Kids Scaring Kids off their self titled album.

Outtie 5k.

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