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PORTAL IS FREE! (Until May 24th)

You may be thinking “how is this possible?!!?” 

Well my friends, it’s true!  Valve is offering Portal on PC and Mac for free until May 24th and there appear to be no strings attached.  Their generosity is most likely linked to the fact that Steam is now Mac compatible.  This will be an excellent hub for those starved Mac gamers to download to their heart’s content.   Welcome to the fold our considerably more hip brethren, it’s good to have you.

Gencon Event Registration Today!

Just a friendly reminder that Gencon 2010 event registration goes live at 12:00pm EST today.  That gives you a little under an hour to comb through a list that’s now over 6,600 event entries long!  Some of the crew from Pixels and Grids will be attending this year and we’re looking forward to quite a few events.  At the top of our list is TerrorWerks, a sci-fi Live Action Role Playing (LARP) played with airsoft guns.   So go ahead and trudge through the impressive Gencon events list and register for some games PNG’ers!

facebook fan check virus!

total friggen pandemic

Is actually not a virus, but a way for unscrupulous people to generate hits for their web page.  Welcome to another fun-filled week with Pixels and Grids, kids.  Keep your eyes open for a new podcast, a review of Shadow Complex and a host of other goodies.

DDO, more like FREE-DO


While I might be beating a dead horse at this point, I feel that it is only right that I remind you, loyal PNG reader, that today (9-9-09) is the launch of Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited.  If you follow this link, you will be whisked away to a world of adventure and excitement, provided that you can get the installer to work (it only took me 4 tries).  As we’ve mentioned before, for $0 down and $0 a month, there are certainly worse things you can spend your money on.

While I’m here, I would also like to wish the Sega Dreamcast a happy centurial birthday,  and to all you rumor-mongers out there, I don’t see my Dreamcast 2 today.

PNG Review: Spider – Secret of Bryce Manor


Developer: Tiger Style
Publisher: Tiger Style
MSRP: $2.99

Grade: A

With the “system” being touted by some as the future of handheld gaming, and it’s exponentially expanding library of games, I’m still constantly left feeling like there’s far more chaff than wheat.  I guess for that reason, I’m always amazed when I can wring any amount of substance from an iPhone game.  What I got in Spider: Secret of Bryce Manor, however, was something far greater than anything I expected.   Hit the break and we’ll get into it.

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Welp, that’s a wrap.



Hi, PNG fans.  You know what sucks?  When you plug a powered mixer into an onboard sound card and the shit hits the fan. Needless to say, there will be no regularly scheduled Bro-down tonight.  Hopefully the Gen-Cast™ will make up for it.  This is Jim, Logan, and Jess signing off.

For some audio enjoyment that is quite appropriate to the situation, click the picture above.

Until next week!

First Impressions – Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Review


I should preface this by saying that I’ve never really been in to comic books.  Sure I’ve owned some and read some as a kid, but who hasn’t?  Even without that, I’ve always been a fan of super heroes, and Batman in particular.  I watched the animated series, saw the movies, had the action figures, the whole shebang.  While my interest was initially piqued by the previews, I still couldn’t really get excited for this game.  The concept sounded cool.  Batman goes into Arkham Asylum to (re)catch the Joker and has to fight all of the villains that he put there in first place.  Instead of being a straight brawler, the game would balance fighting, stealth, and detectivery.  This last bit got my attention.  I never saw Batman as  a detective (let alone the “world’s greatest”), but I will blame that on my previous statement of comic ignorance.  The only other game I could think of that involved “playing detective” was Condemned: Criminal Origins.   While that game played out mostly as a (creepy) brawler, I really enjoyed any moment that I was able to pull my camera phone out and shoot some fingerprints or scan a crime scene.  So then what’s the game plan?  Part Splinter Cell, part Nancy Drew, part Mortal Kombat vs DC?  Yeah, ok, that sounds pretty dope.  Glide kick across the break and we’ll get into it.

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PNG Review: Splosion Man


Developer: Twisted Pixel
Publisher: Twisted Pixel
MSRP: 800 M$ (10 Big Macs)

Grade: A-

In a time where graphics and immersive storytelling in gaming is constantly achieving new heights, there is something refreshing about the Xbox 360’s arcade collection. For bibliophiles, it’s like the Harry Potter to the War and Peace. For cinephiles, it’s like the Die Hard to the Citizen Kane. For gastrophiles, it’s like a burger to a filet mignon.  Whatever it is, it can be a nice change of pace, especially if it’s a puzzling platformer that knows how to find the right mix of classic gameplay, functional innovation, and solid humor. ‘Splode ‘cross the gap for the in-depth.

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First Impressions: Exodus: Post-Apocalyptic Role Playing: Pt II


I lifted the book up to my face and blew a layer of dust off its surface. I felt like some kind of fictionalized archeologist. It occurred to me, briefly, that I should have replaced the book with something of equal weight, but I quickly dismissed the thought. I found a secluded place and began to pore over its content.

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png review: enviro-bear 2010

Who is driving? A bear is driving! How can this be?Publisher: Justin Smith
Developer: Justin Smith
MSRP:  $0.99   iTunes Store

Grade: B?

Whenever I pick up my iPhone in an attempt to “game”, I feel like some sort of brave pioneer.  Sometimes, as I slide my finger across the sleek screen, I envision my hand instead clutching a machete that I use to pare back the thick overgrowth.  It’s in these moments that I ask myself, “Am I actually having fun?”  In the same token, do explorers in the depths of the jungle have fun?  Likely not, but perhaps behind all that pre-macheted foliage is some treasure, or the Lost City of Zinj, or a pack of murderous Congolese gorillas.  In any case, strap on your pith helmet, grab something hackable, and follow me through the break.

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