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PNG Beard of the Week!

Solid Snake wins the first ever Pixels and Grids Beard of the Week award for an entire series of games worth of badass stubble to full on jungle growth (and in his later years, a Wal-Mart greeter moustache, but we’re not counting that. It looked dumb. Don’t argue. It did.)

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PNG Review: Resonance of Fate

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Tri-Ace

MSRP: $59.99

Grade: A

Tri-Ace, creators of the well known Star Ocean franchise, leave the stars behind and bring it back to earth for a refreshing take on the steampunk genre.  Without delving too much into the story, in fear of spoilers and such, mankind raped the earth to hell and now live in a giant spire-city connected by a series of elevators.  You play the role of three mercenaries trying to make a better life for themselves, and of course, get mixed up in some kind of god fearing church conspiracy, where the people have been following a robot that looks like something out of 2001.  That’s in the opening movie folks, I have ruined nothing for you.

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Summer vacation. Gencon edition

We didn't actually go to the showing, but you could imagine... right?Ah. The first thing most ten year olds do on the first day of english class. They write about what they did on their summer vacation.  Trips to SeaWorld, Disney Land, smelly old Aunt Agnes’s smelly old cats and other lame tales of things lame little kids do.  What did I do?  I drank a lot and bothered people in the gaming industry for a week.

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Updated Contest – Win a free copy of Fallout 3 for PC!

This is what will happen to your head if you win.  In a good way.

Because  I don’t want this contest going on forever, and given all of your terrible guesses, it will. I’ve now modified how the contest will work.

You see that logo at the top of the page? I’ve slapped a copy of it below the break for you to nab.  Anyway,  your goal is to photoshop the image or present our logo to the public in a creative way.  Go serious. Go funny. Go to hell. I don’t care what you do, as long as you make me smirk at your antics.

Entries may either be posted in reply to this post or emailed directly to me.   Again, the one entry a day limit applies and there’s a deadline this time: May 2nd, 12:01am est.

Ideas include:

  • Tattooing it onto your body
  • Burn our logo into your neighbor’s grass
  • A mural in the middle of your city’s subway
  • Tattooing onto your neighbor
  • Photoshopping a wang on our logo

[Update:  Apparently Josh didn’t know that WordPress doesn’t allow you to put images in your comments.  E-mail your submission to him at  We’ll be sure to post the winning entry along with some of the more funny ones in an entry on May 4th.  (James Jones)]

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The Arms Race

Seriously, we didn't make this picture... we found it!

This is a long overdue article, much like everything else on our pretty relaxed (nonexistent) schedule of releasing content other than PNG Daily. It originally started as a five part series, which I’ve condensed down to a single posting with me speaking directly from my ass, with the possibility of additional postings.

The Gamemaster and Player arm’s race.

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Contest: Win Fallout 3 PC


It’s Pixels and Grids’ first obvious ploy to generate readership and page views! We’re giving away a free copy of Fallout 3 for the PC.   All you need to do for entry is reply to this post with your guess at our special keyword, which we’ve predetermined, and hope for the best.  Offical rules, as best as I can make them up on the spot follows the break.
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Callest of Dutier: More Moderner Warfaring


Activision has confirmed that Modern Warfare 2, developed by Infinity Ward will be hitting retail shelves on 11.10.09, a date reminiscent of a bomb going off in your face.  (Which I hope happens in the game.)  You may be wondering, “Hey Josh, isn’t the game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?  You even have Call of Duty in  your list of post tags!”.  The answer is no.  Activision has confirmed that Modern Warfare has “taken on such a life of its own”.  In other, less fanciful terms, it’s now considered a spin off.

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Come get some grids

Some of you may already be aware, but DnD Insider is up and running, and probably has been for awhile now.  This is news to me, because between the time of the launch of DnD 4th Edition and today, I grew so tired of waiting for the damn thing to launch, I forgot it ever exisited.  If you haven’t checked it out already, they are offering a free trial for you to tinker with.

To most hardcore fans of Shadowrun (The rabid, frothing at the mouth fundamental lunatics), the setting and spirit of Shadowrun and the 20-sideder mix like a vodka tonic with baking soda. However, there’s always a brave soul willing to weather a night of foaming vomit and try a conversion: the folks at this blog(Chemistry Disclaimer: I’m not actually sure that it would foam before or after ingestion, and I’m not wasting the booze to find out) I gave it a quick once over, and it actually looks like it could work pretty well.  Of course, there are some things I would do differently, but I think it’s a nice start.  I hope it works out for their group. 

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Resident Evil 5: Mini-Review


This isn’t much of an in depth critique so much as a summary of a Resident Evil fan’s opinion.   I’ll leave the critiques up to the people that hate the game before playing it.  Yes, that was a cheapshot.  Anyway, I knew exactly what I was getting into when I forked over the cash for Resident Evil 5, and after a complete playthrough, I was not dissappointed.   

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First Impressions: Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena DEMO Review


Earlier today, or yesterday depending on your timezone, the demo Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena debuted on Xbox Live.  I took the opportunity to give it a once through and take a few notes about  my impressions of the very short demo.  I won’t bother putting a spoiler warning, because it’s a ten minute demo.  Nevermind that I think I just did with that remark.

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