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Final Fantasy XIV some revelations revealed

Heroes of the Realm, take up your blades

For those of us who played FFXI, this E3 was a shocker.   With the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV for PS3 and inevitably PC as well, fans were excited to finally be able to get the upgrade FFXI so depserately needed.

I played for 6 years on and off but can not begin to tell you the amount of fun I had, the friends I met, and the adventures we went through over the course of that time.  I loved FFXI as it was my first real foray into a MMO world.

The game was unlike any other MMO except maybe Everquest where leveling was soley based on grinding.  Quests could be done to get items or access to certain areas, but this game was hard, and by hard I mean HARD.  You had to have a party at all times passed level 10 if you wanted to progress at all.  Leveling took forever, and parties of 6 competent people had to be arranged or a disaster was bound to happen.  Forget lossing armor durability, this game punished you for dying.  Losing levels, losing experience, losing your mind when there was no white mage to raise you in low level areas.  This game made you hate the time you spent adventuring, but when it was good, it was really good.

I had to give it up due to lack of time, lots of games coming out, feeling the need to play those games, and maybe – just the need to move on and wait for another Final Fantasy Online to be born.  The wait is nearly over as FFXIV will be out sometime in 2010.

-Update- Check out this blog here for more refined details about the upcoming Famistu article on Final Fantasy FFXIV

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Game Critics Announce Best of E3 Awards – Official Edition

Best in show

Its been about a month since E3 happened, and we all had our own opinions of what we thought was the best showings at this year’s conference.  The Game Critics Award Council officially gives an award in 15 categories, and they are made up of 29 of the leading North American media outlets that cover the video game industry.  Publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Kotaku, Nintendo Power, Game Informer to name a few all give their votes for the 15 different categories and are grouped together to create a winner for each category.  Below are the winners for this year, and along with that I have added my own opinion in there to see how close I was to their critics choice.  I have listed the Game Critics Award Council as “GCAC” and for my own winner I have listed it as “Mine”  I should also mention that their votes go for games that were playable on the show floor.  Since I did not play any of these I am going off of what I saw as a loyal follower of the events, so opinions may differ.  Obviously.

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Cthulhu vs God vs Tatsunoko vs Capcom vs Damage to the Billions


So you think you followed E3 pretty hardcore eh?  I thought so too until I started perusing through the awards that were given out between the different media publications.  I missed two games completely, than upon finding them, I was very impressed.  In one case I was blown away.  I’d like to point out these two games, as they may just give Wii owners that much needed Street Fighter 4 game.  Also, for you DS owners out there, that game for you to explore your creativity and play something that might just be one of the best ideas to ever hit video gaming. Continue reading

Buried Gaming Treasure: E3 Edition

I hope you're an organ donor

Mere hours after partaking in the official worst idea ever, that is embibing Everclear during our insane E3 podcast special, I’M the one tasked with having to bring you something relevant.  Are you kidding me?  I’m half f***ing blind!  Well, screw it, I’m taking the easy way out and bringing you even more E3 video goodness.

But you know me.  I’m not one to talk about what everyone else is talking about.  I set my own trends.  Besides, Jim already covered that stuff yesterday (since I can’t link to three seperate articles, just scroll down a bit you lazy jerk).

In the tradition of my ongoing series “Buried Gaming Treasure” I’m bringing you videos of the stuff that was at Los Angeles but is not getting quite the hype of the big boys.  This could very well be the future of hidden gems.  You didn’t see these in press conference keynotes, but you’re seeing them here.  Enjoy!

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Sony E3 2009 Video Extravaganza

Sony E3 2009

Last but not least (or were they?), we have a bunch of videos from Sony’s 2009 E3 keynote.  Jump in after the break to see just what “This Is Living” feels like.

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Nintendo E3 2009 Video Extravaganza

Nintendo E3 2009

Alright PNG Fans!  It’s that time of year – E3 2009 is about to come to a close.  Afraid you missed something good?  Fear not! This time, after the break, we have all the video highlights from Nintendo’s E3 keynote.

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Microsoft E3 2009 Video Extravaganza

Microsoft E3 2009

Hello PNG Fans!  It’s that time of year – E3 2009 is about to come to a close.  Afraid you missed something good?  After the break, we have all the video highlights from Microsoft’s E3 keynote.

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