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PNG Gencon ’09 Retrospective

With Gencon a mere weeks away, we want to take a moment to reflect on our time spent as amatuer bloggers at last years convention.  The days were full of interviews, demos, gaming, and a couple of podcasts.  You can find a list of all our Gencon ’09 articles in our PNG Gencon ’09 Wrap Up post.  We covered as much as we could but obviously there was some stuff we didn’t get to post about or even have a chance to experience.  The size and scope of Gencon is so big that there simply isn’t enough time to do everything.  It’s has become so large that gaming events are starting to push into a day or two before the convention for the die hard attendees.  We tried our best to convery this  last year through a series of articles leading up to the convention.  The series started with the first article detailing the dealer hall.  If you click that link you can walk through all four articles that also cover gaming at the con, non-gaming events, and a the social aspect of the con.  All of these articles are an excellent resource for first time con attendees but can also serve as fuel for the fire that burns within everybody who has been to the con and can’t wait for August 5th to roll around.

This year, expect much of the same.  We’ll get a few pre con articles up and get whatever we can done during the con.  The majority of articles will start to pour out after the convention.  If you are one of the poor souls that cannot make it this year, let us know if there’s something that you wanted to try or see.  We’ll do our best to give it a go and then put up some information about it.  Keep checking the site before and during the con as PNG prepares for the best four days in gaming.

Cthulhu, Gaming, and You!

In his house at Ry'leh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all it’s contents 
H.P. Lovecraft, Call of Cthulhu (1926)

For me, October is all about horror.  This is due mostly to everybody’s favorite pagan holiday most endearingly referred to as Halloween.  It can be said that if we as gamers would have what could be called an unofficial mascot of horror and madness,  our guy would be Cthulhu (ka-thu-lou).  Born of from the imagination of one H.P. Lovecarft back in the 1920’s, he is a major part of and figure head of what is now an extensive Mythos filled with unseen and overwhelming horrors.  You can see his influence both directly and indirectly in a lot of tabletop games, video games, and movies even still today.  So why not get into the spirit, hit the jump, and look over some suggestions for immersing your self in the madness of the Mythos.

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No dumpster Love in the motherland

I don’t intend to make a big deal out of this, but I find the “Trial and Fail” aspects of the story fairly entertaining.  I mainly say this because, of the groups that try to impose their reasoning on gamers. The notion that we would ever decide to go along with something like this, it blows me away.  Where to begin?

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PNG Adventures in Champions Online – Getting Stronger

Respect.  Know about it!

When we last left PNG’s fearless hero, he was boarding an aircraft for the Southwest Desert for more adventure and excitement.  Irradiates have erected a radiation shield around (insert acronym here) and it’s up to heroes like The Equestrian to save the day!

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PNG Adventures in Champions Online – The Equestrian Born

Half horse, half man, all PNG

It’s been a long weekend PNG’ers and we’re ready to hit the ground running.  Today starts my weekly articles on my experiences with Champions Online.  I sat down on launch day of Champions Online and really thought about what and who my Champion would be.  It had to be something special and with flair, and more importantly, represent Pixels and Grids to his fullest capacity.  We needed a hero… and this is how The Equestrian was born.

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My Gencon Wrap-Up

We didn't actually go to the showing, but you could imagine... right?

It’s been a few weeks now since Gencon ended, but the experience has stayed with me.  I wanted to wrap things up with a gallery of pictures I took while I was there, and also some thoughts on things I didn’t cover in full.  I’ll be talking about Mindflex by Mattel, Word of the Street by Out of the Box, and The World of Warcraft TCG by Upperdeck.  So without further delay…

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PNG, Bill Roper, and Champions Online

Everything the light touches is your kingdom...On paper, Champions Online really does seem like Cryptic Studio’s previous outing (City of Heroes/Villians) into a superhero MMO.  As a matter of fact, I believe their only competition in that genre is a game that they themselves created.  So why make another superhero MMO, you know, besides having sold off the City of Heroes/Villains license to NCSoft?  I was able to have a few words with Bill Roper (who had some pretty dope kicks on) of Cryptic Studios while at Gencon to find out exactly why and what separates this Champions Online from the ravenous pack of MMORPGS.
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Summer vacation. Gencon edition

We didn't actually go to the showing, but you could imagine... right?Ah. The first thing most ten year olds do on the first day of english class. They write about what they did on their summer vacation.  Trips to SeaWorld, Disney Land, smelly old Aunt Agnes’s smelly old cats and other lame tales of things lame little kids do.  What did I do?  I drank a lot and bothered people in the gaming industry for a week.

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The PNG Gencon ’09 Wrap Up

Pixels and Grids, it's like a nuclear bomb.

We’re back from Gencon ’09 and filled to the brim with information, reviews, impressions, and pictures.  Bookmark or keep referring back to this post as I will be linking to each article that comes as a result of our coverage.

An Evening With Gencon’s Event Programming Manager, Derek Guder
So Many Games, So Little Time!
PNG Bro-Down Episode 27 – Rogues Do It From Behind (Decent amount of Gencon stuff)

Hands On Impressions
Warhammer: Invasion
Magic the Gathering: Planechase
Dragon Age: Origins (PC)
Middle Earth Quest

Summer Vacation.  Gencon Edition!
PNG, Bill Roper, and Champions Online
Dave Reid’s Gencon Wrap Up

Gencon: The Best 4 Days in Gaming Part 4 – PNG and You!

Header from Gencon Indy's Home Page

Well, not really us, but we are part of the 26,000+ people that show up to do whatever makes us happy for 4 days straight.  Once you’re done marveling at the dealer hall, throwing down with the copious amount of gaming, and taking it (mostly) easy with the non-gaming events you should take a moment to just get to know your fellow gamers.  We’re all really at the convention for the same reason, and that is to relax, game, and have some fun.  Take some time to talk to your fellow gamer and make some new friends.  It’ll make your trip out the following year just that much more fun when you meet up with your new con friends.  Also, you might want to peruse the official Gencon Forums for other hints and tips about attending the convention.  It’ll cover everything from convention etiquette, recommended items to carry around, and some pretty baller places to eat.

That pretty much concludes our 4 article series about Gencon.  All that’s left for you, dear readers, is to pack it up and head out to Indy or hit the jump to get our podcasting schedule for Gencon.  We will be recording these podcasts live so if you’ve got some time free and your attending, we’d love it if you stopped on by to be part of our live studio audience.
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