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Dragon Age Tabletop RPG Now Available!

As you can tell from our glorious banner ad to the side, it’s finally out!  Well, sort of.  I missed this boat by a few weeks, but Green Ronin released the first set of the Dragon Age Tabletop RPG as a PDF file when they sent it for printing.  You can order that now for $17.50 by clicking that there link or you can pre-order the Dragon Age box set for $29.95 and get the PDF for free at check out.  Either way, our bros over at Green Ronin has the hook up for you.  I’ll be nabbing a copy for myself and harassing them for a more solid release date.  Last I heard it was sometime this month.

Haven’t boned up on the Dragon Age RPG?  Check out our interview with Chris Pramas, president of Green Ronin and creator of the system for the RPG.

Gencon 2010 – Save the Date

Dust off that Sailor Moon costume guys, its time to party!

When you really think about it, August 5th – 8th is really not that far away.  At least this is what flutters through the head of a regular Gencon attendee the moment they start their commute back home on the last day of the show.  We here at Pixels and Grids are no different.  In the words of PNG’s own David Reid, there simply isn’t enough time when you’re at the convention.  While the dates of the actual show have been available since before GC ‘09 opened it’s doors, registration for things such as your badge, housing block, and events had yet to be announced… until yesterday!  Ripped from the official forums (courtesy of forum moderator Marimacc) and with some confirmation from the Gencon Facebook fan page, the dates are as follows:

Badge Pre-Registration – Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 12:00 noon (Eastern).
Housing – Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 12:00 noon (Eastern).
Event Pre-Registration – Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 12:00 noon (Eastern).
Both Badge and Event Pre-Registration will end at 11:59 pm (Eastern) on June 19, 2010.
EXTENDED Badge and Event Registration will remain open online at full price beginning June 20, 2010. More information will be coming soon!

No dates for event submissions yet, but expect it soon.

EDIT:  Gencon posted the dates for 2010 event submission here.  It starts January 13th (this wednesday) and will go in three phases ending on March 12th.  Now get out there and submit some events so I can play in your games!

Magic: The Gathering: Rise of the Eldrazi Release Info Hits the Internets

What's an Eldrazi?

Wizard’s announced the next set in the Zendikar block’s name as you can see in the large logo above.  It’s scheduled release date is April 23rd, 2010 with pre-release event dates of April 17th – 18th, 2010 and the launch party dates of April 23rd – 25th, 2010.  Previews should start going up on on April 5th, 2010.  You can find more information in the official Rise of the Eldrazi press release.  Hit the jump to see the Rise of Eldrazi symbol and some artwork.

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This Week On Pixels and Grids…

PNG is blue like candy!

This week, Pixels and Grids is all about the audio experience.  In addition to the PNG Bro-Down, we will be interviewing a few people in the tabletop RPG business.  First we have Jess Hartley, an author and game developer currently working for White Wolf.  You can find her list of contributions and books at her website here.  Last and certainly not least, we’ll have a chat with Chris Pramas of Green Ronin Publishing and designer of the new Dragon Age tabletop RPG.  Most of us are waist deep in Bioware’s dark fantasy epic and are itching to hear more news on the tabletop version!

Have any burning questions you would like to ask either of our special guests this week?  Feel free to comment here, email us (, leave us a Skype message (PixelsAndGrids), or leave us a voicemail at 216-367-9088.  

American McGee’s Alice 2 Trailer

Nice little Halloween treat over the weekend.  A rogue trailer for American McGees’s Alice 2 was released.  Although it is much more a teaser, it’s better than what we have gotten over the years which has been more speculation than anything else.

I for one loved the hell out of the original and this just gets me more and more excited for the sequel to one of my favorite PC games ever.  A macabe version of Alice in Wonderland, complete with blood, gore, dementia, and spookiness.  Check out the video, but expect to wait a long time for this one still.  2011 to be exact.

Hey, at least it’s gonna come out before the world ends in 2012 right?

Left 4 Dead 2 Demo is out… If you reserved it.

left-4-dead-2-logoLeft 4 Dead 2’s Demo is available as of yesterday (If you didn’t know already) and you can play it only if you have it reserved.  There were codes given out to the people who reserved a copy that have to be activated through XBL or through Steam.

The demo allows you to play through the first two levels of “The Parish” and of course all 4 characters are available.  Also the demo allows you to play co-op with a friend for some Zombie Run-and-Gun.  I have to say I’m impressed with Valve’s sequel so far.  I didn’t expect much from the game at first, but they quickly won me over with a load of changes.

First off there are new guns and a there are a lot of them.  Ak-47’s Combat Rifle, Assault Rifle, Long-Barrelled Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, Magnum ( Infinite ammo since it’s a pistol), Sniper Rifle etc.  Also there are a bunch of Melee Weapons to replace your pistol if you so choose to.  From what I gather, they all perform the same action and damage so your free to choose the one to your liking.  I prefer the Electric Guitar.  A new addition to the throwables is the Boomer Bile.  I absolutely love the addition of this as when you throw it, The explosion acts like the Boomer’s vomit from the first game.  Hit a Tank with it, and watch the tank get mauled by zombies.  It’s awesome.

Add the fact that you have the 3 Special infected from the first game, and now 3 news ones, and you have a game that is much more a sequel then a cheap cop-out of an add-on.  The Spitter is all about launching an acidic attack from long rang, with AOE effects.  Charger will run at you and grab a character and then pummel them mercessily until stopped, and lastly is the Jockey who jumps on a character and then gains control of their movements.  Usually he will take you into the fray and force your group to chase after you.

All in all, this demo is good.  All the nay-sayers out there might change their tune once they play.  It may not be for everyone, but with the game being much different than Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 I think this game has a real decent shot this year considering what its up against.

The Demo goes live for everyone else on November 3rd.

PNG Wants to Hear From You!

PNG is blue like candy!

We adore attention and really can’t get enough of it.  We also would really like to read some e-mails and play some audio clips on our podcast, the PNG Bro-down.  So no in addition to sending us an e-mail (, you can give us a call over Skype and leave us a voicemail pretty much 24/7!  Our username is PixelsAndGrids and will be set up to accept text messages and take voice mails as much as possible.  We’ll listen to and discuss each one during the PNG Bro-down.  We may even play it on the podcast!  So get to it and know that no subject or question is off-limits PNG’ers.

D&D of The Future!

If I only had $10K and knew one of the huge brains behind this prototype over at Carnegie Melon University.  The above video is a demo of D&D being played on Microsoft’s touchscreen table called Surface.  I can’t say I’m a fan of the dice rolling animation and how I could make a sandwich, eat it, and read War & Peace by the time it’s done rolling, but it’s definitely interesting. 

The program was made by a team called Surfacescapes that is part of the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Melon.

Cubicle 7 Releases Doctor Who: Aventures in Time and Space Previews

Dr. Who RPG Front CoverThere are a few of us here that absolutely fell in love with current revival of the popular BBC show Doctor Who.  When we heard that Cubicle 7 was releasing a tabletop RPG based on the new series, our elation could hardly be contained.  Jeff found a replica Captain Jack Harkness costume and I slapped on some woman’s underwear and a blonde wig to assume the role of Rose Tyler.  While we had our own grand adventures in time and space, the events of that night can never be spoken again…

All kidding aside, Cubicle 7 put up a sample character sheet here and a preview of the first 7 pages of the first chapter here.  I got a chance to demo the game at Gencon ’08 and found the mechanics fairly simple and quite enjoyable.  You should be aware though that it looks like the book will only really have information and stats for people, places, and things from the past 5 series with the new Doctors.

Fantasy Flight Games Announces Runewars

Behold, the face of a $100 board game!

I have often times found myself wanting to take my digital conquests in games such as Civilization IV to my sizable coffee table.  Many a time has this simple piece of swedish furniture been transformed into a stage for epic battles and unspeakable horrors.  A lot of these times, it’s been with the help of a Fantasy Flight game.  We got a press release dropped to us with some info concerning their next epic-sized box format release. 

Scheduled for release this winter at MSRP $99.95, Runewars is a board game based around empire building, battles, quests, and resource management.  If your a fan of the setting for Runebound and Descent: Journey’s in the Dark, you’ll be happy to hear that Runewars is based in the same universe.  When they say epic-sized, they mean it as the game will contain nearly 200 plastic mini’s, 3-D mountain terrain, and hundreds of cards and tokens.   You might also want to check out this post by Fantasy Flight CEO and founder Christian Petersen with some background on Runewars

How they manage to fit all their pieces into one man made board game box is always a wonder to me.  I might just need to buy myself another piece of stylish swedish furniture and prepare myself and 2-3 other friends for merriment this winter!