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Possible Trailer for a New Mortal Kombat Movie?

Above is a 7min 49sec YouTube video of what appears to be a trailer for the next Mortal Kombat movie called Mortal Kombat Rebirth.  It’s a little gory, a little crazy, and a whole lot of sexy.  There’s speculation that this may just be a way to hype a Mortal Kombat game announcement during E3 or a pilot of sorts to get funding and interest to film an actual hard “R” rated MK.  Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure… Jeri Ryan is still pretty damn hot.

Claptrap Episode 3! Give Him the Award Already!

The guys over at Gearbox released another video with that loveable Claptrap.  Here he explains why he should get an Interactive Acheivement Award.  I say give it to him.  Such a gripping performance.  HEY-OOOOOOOO!

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Preload = EPIC FAIL. Steam Kids RAGE.

If you preordered your copy of Bad Company 2 for a console and are just getting home from a midnight release, I (along with many Steam kids) envy you.  You see, there’s been a bit of a SNAFU with the digital PC version of the game for Steam.  This does not affect the Direct 2 Drive or EA digital versions of the game and those kids are most likely blowing each other up in a war-torn virtual landscape as we speak.  This is, however, not the reason I’m posting.  No, no, no PNG’ers… the real reason is the fallout one can witness on the Steam forums.  You’ll find internet memes, flame wars, and a lot of other nonsense in those forums.  An excellent time killer and source of instant amusement. 

As one of the many that preordered the game on Steam, I can understand the frustration.  Vecna knows that Valve’s servers are sometimes sub par and it may very well be a cluster frak if DICE/EA/Valve don’t get a preload kicked off soon.  That being said, Valve gives a clear timeline one when their preordered games unlock.  A quick look at Steam’s store page for Bad Company 2 shows the game isn’t even set to unlock until 2PM EST.  This has actually been bumped up from the original 6PM EST that was being displayed when I ordered the game.  DICE/EA/Valve also never stated that there would be a preload.  Fact of the matter is that it doesn’t really matter if the preload happens now or in the morning… we still can’t play it.  Until then there will be a whole lot of QQ and very little PEW PEW.

Oh, and I believe that’s (not) an actual picture of Gabe Newell.  I pixellated the tasty bits so as to leave something to imagination.

Claptrap Fever!

We here at PNG have simply fallen in love with Borderlands.  More specifically, we love the numerous adorable Claptraps scattered throughout the world of Pandora.  How adorable are they?  Just watch the not entirely safe for work video above!   Episode 2 is after the break.   HEYOOOO!

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A few months back, Jeff posted a YouTube video called Little Big Revenge by Seakitten Collective.  It’s been brought to our attention that they made yet another short movie called Cloverbrawl.  It’s a  mash up of video game characters and the movie Cloverfield.  An excellent Monday morning distraction and both parts run roughly 18.5 mins long.  Huge fan of the Silent Hill part.  Enjoy!

Part I

Part II

facebook fan check virus!

total friggen pandemic

Is actually not a virus, but a way for unscrupulous people to generate hits for their web page.  Welcome to another fun-filled week with Pixels and Grids, kids.  Keep your eyes open for a new podcast, a review of Shadow Complex and a host of other goodies.

Summer vacation. Gencon edition

We didn't actually go to the showing, but you could imagine... right?Ah. The first thing most ten year olds do on the first day of english class. They write about what they did on their summer vacation.  Trips to SeaWorld, Disney Land, smelly old Aunt Agnes’s smelly old cats and other lame tales of things lame little kids do.  What did I do?  I drank a lot and bothered people in the gaming industry for a week.

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Welp, that’s a wrap.



Hi, PNG fans.  You know what sucks?  When you plug a powered mixer into an onboard sound card and the shit hits the fan. Needless to say, there will be no regularly scheduled Bro-down tonight.  Hopefully the Gen-Cast™ will make up for it.  This is Jim, Logan, and Jess signing off.

For some audio enjoyment that is quite appropriate to the situation, click the picture above.

Until next week!

This is Game Town!

 Pixels and Grids, it's like a nuclear bomb.

 Indianapolis… the city of lights, bars, and games.  Its official!  Gencon 2009 is here and so is (some of) the PNG crew.  We got here later than expected today due to some unforeseen issues this morning, but after a long car ride, a lot of SYC, and some refilling of transmission fluid, we arrived precisely when we meant to.  That’s right, just like a Wizard.

Keep an eye on the site.  When we are able to find free internet (we don’t feel like paying for it) we will be sure to keep you as updated as possible.  We want you to feel like you are here with us, except minus the irreversible damage to your liver.

in true countdown spirit

You want it sooner?  Pay me more than my employer.