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Battlefield 1943, Coming to a Console Near You… This Week!

It's almost exactly kind of not how I remembered it.

Make no mistake, this is an amazingly orchestrated cop-out of yet another original article.  I promise I’ll have one up next week.  That or a review of the game I will fondly plop down some trailers for to get you pumped for wednesday or thursday of this week.  That’s right PNG’ers, Battlefield 1943 will drop this wednesday on XBLA and thursday on PSN.  How many of you also intend on picking up this instant gem?  Hopefully quite a few, as we need to get 43 million community kills to unlock the 4th map, Coral Sea.  Looks to be a dogfighter’s paradise.  Hit the jump for the trailer’s for each of the 4 levels in the game.
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Everclear Podcast Delay

Everclear was an excellent decision

We know you usually look forward to our booming and informative voices every Friday morning, but due to the consumption of some extraordinarily powerful sauce, the podcast will be up later than usual on Friday.  We apologize for the delay and promise it will never happen again… probably… hopefully.

PNG’s Got Game 3/9/09: Left 4 Dead


Let the record show that we here at PNG loathe the undead, so much so that it might be unhealthy.  We’d like to share this unhealthy obsession by possibly shooting/ripping your face off in a friendly versus match of Left 4 Dead in our very first PNG’s Got Game session.   If you have the 360 version of Left 4 Dead and want to get down with some zombie and survivor slaying action with some of the PNG crew, add my gamertag (xMidnightxEyesx) to your friends list and be on the look out around 10pm eastern time for a chance to either murder or be murdered.