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PNG Review – DungeonQuest


Publisher:  Fantasy Flight Games
Designer:  Jakob Bonds
Players: 1 – 4
Ages: 13+
Play Time:  90 mins

MSRP:  $59.95

Grade: A-

Before you read on, know that this game is unforgiving and ball breaking hard.  Playing by the original rules without variation almost guarantees your character will die.  In DungeonQuest, you play one of six adventurers attempting to get to the dragon’s hoard in the center of Dragonfire Dungeon and get out before nightfall.  As nightfall comes the dungeon very well may seal you in forever and leave you at the mercy of Kalladra, the dragon who owns said hoard.  This sounds simple enough but the first thing you learn in this game is that it excels at killing player characters.  I used to think that Arkham Horror was the most brutal and difficult cooperative board game,  until we had our go with DungeonQuest.  It took eight full games with our friends for someone to actually survive Dragonfire Dungeon by getting to the loot and escaping.  While this may not sound enjoyable, there is a sick sort of pleasure you get as you continue to throw yourself in the game.  It becomes becomes an obsession… an unhealthy competition between you and the game.

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PNG Review – Splinter Cell: Conviction (PC)

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

MSRP: $59.99
Grade: B+

Splinter Cell has always been one of those games that I wanted to play but could never get into.  I game both the original Splinter Cell and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow a shot and wasn’t a fan of the way the game played.  I suppose you could chalk it up to me being young and impatient as the game required a lot of sneaking and avoiding enemies.  It was the only alternative to Metal Gear for tactical espionage action.  Steam had a super sale a week or so ago where you could purchase every Splinter Cell (with the exception of Pandora Tomorrow) for the low low price of around $45.  This included the deluxe edition of Conviction which costs around $64.99 regularly.  I figured why not give it another go… and I’m glad I did!

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PNG Review: Plain Sight

 Publisher:  Beatnik Games

Developer:  Beatnik Games

MSRP:  $9.99 (PC)

Grade:  A-

Ninja robots.  It just kind of rolls off the tongue in such a way that brings a smile to every growing boys face.  The very sight of a robot ninja could make your eyes glow just like it was christmas morning.  At least this is the feeling I got when browsing through Steam’s offering during a boring and uneventful lunch hour.  That is when I stumbled across a little indie gem called Plain Sight.  Hit the jump for some more details, screenshots, and the launch trailer. 

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PNG Review: Resonance of Fate

Publisher: Sega

Developer: Tri-Ace

MSRP: $59.99

Grade: A

Tri-Ace, creators of the well known Star Ocean franchise, leave the stars behind and bring it back to earth for a refreshing take on the steampunk genre.  Without delving too much into the story, in fear of spoilers and such, mankind raped the earth to hell and now live in a giant spire-city connected by a series of elevators.  You play the role of three mercenaries trying to make a better life for themselves, and of course, get mixed up in some kind of god fearing church conspiracy, where the people have been following a robot that looks like something out of 2001.  That’s in the opening movie folks, I have ruined nothing for you.

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PNG (Audio) Review – Borderlands

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Publisher: 2K Games Developer: Gearbox Software MSRP: $59.99 (XBox, PS3), $49.99 (PC) PNG Audio Review – Borderlands    Welcome to our very first audio review.  In this episode we sit down and chat about Gearbox Software’s newest game, Borderlands.  If … Continue reading

PNG Review: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Hang On Drake! Publisher: Sony

Developer: Naughty Dog

MSRP: 59.99

Grade: A+ (Plus)

Its been 2 full days since Uncharted 2 came out and I decided to go on the grind to get this review out for you.  Playing both nights till I fell asleep with the controller in my hand I went through a lot to get you this review in a timely fashion, and I accomplished that.  This isn’t normally the case for our site but when a game is this good, and you just feel that need to keep going, its worth it in the end.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, is being hailed as the best game on PS3, a game that feels more like a blockbuster movie,  a great contender Game of the Year,  and overall acclaim for accomplishing such a feat in 2 years.  It is all this and a bag of chips.  This game is beyond good, and you owe it to yourself to play it.  Without further ado, let’s get to reviewing…

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PNG Review – Warhammer: Invasion

Warhammer: Invasion

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Designer: Eric M. Lang
Players: 2-4
Ages: 13+
Play Time: 1-2 hours
MSRP: $39.95

Grade: A-

Consider this a companion piece for an article about my hands on experience with Warhammer: Invasion at Gencon ‘09.  I recommend you read it for the gameplay break down.  However, I wil say that after a bunch of games with Logan and Dave, this game is every bit as good as I hoped it would be when walking away from Fantasy Flights booth.

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PNG Review – Scribblenauts


Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Ent.
Developer:  5th Cell
MSRP: $29.99

Grade: C-


It’s been awhile since I was as pumped and let the hype of a video game get to me the way that Scribblenauts did.  The early previews and word on the street painted this game as the second coming of innovation.  Scribblenauts would allow you to use a word list of over 20,000 words to let your imagination go wild in solving numerous puzzles to retrieve mystical starites.  It was what 5th Cell was coining as “emergent gameplay”.  As the subtitle suggests, you could write anything and solve everything.  While the game is charming and it’s fun to see how certain things interact, the controls, camera, and some confusing interactions really drag this game down. 

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PNG Review: Little King’s Story

A Wii Little King is he Publisher: XSeed

Developer: Town Factory and Cing

MSRP: 49.99

Grade: A

I was asked by the US Government, NATO, NAACP, NAFTA, United Nations, Republic of China, and the NRA to share my thoughts on what we all think is the biggest Issue facing our respective Countries, and Organizations.  They have commissioned me to write an article depiciting the horrible attrocities that we are all share no matter what we represent, or where we come from.  It’s a plague on humanity, a Black Death if you will, that affects us all.  Grab a cup of coffee, and prepare yourself for an article that will shake the very ground you walk on, and make other issues like “Army recruitment Video Game Centers” a thing of the past.  That’s child’s play to this.

I’m talking about Little King’s Story for the Wii.  Yeah, terrifying isn’t it?  We need you, as people of world, to stand in unison, throw away your petty differences and join together.  We must all play this game, and help put a stop to Shovel-Ware once and for all.  This game is great.  It exceeds initial impressions and expectations, and is a treasure to behold on a system with such a small list of good games.

This is our fight, Welcome to Earth!

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PNG Review: Muramasa: The Demon Blade

Brood Witch?

Publisher: Ignition Entertainment

Developer: Vanillaware

MSRP: 49.99

Grade: A

So I’ve been so down on the Wii over the last few months, I figured there was nothing left that could get me to come back to it.  The Wii has had hardly anything as of late and its been such a depressing year for the system, I was convinced there was nothing left.

Fast forward now to the release of Muramasa – The Demon Blade.  I had seen movies and screen shots of it, but it just seemed like a new side-scrolling beat-em-up with pretty graphics.  I was very mistaken, as I was overcome with addiction from the very beginning of the game.  I have finally picked up that Wii Remote again… It still feels good.

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