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PNG T.G.I.F. 10/30/09 – Champions Online

Champions Online Logo

This weeks T.G.I.F. (This Game is Free) edition is sponsored by Cryptic Studios’ Champions Online.  Experience the thrill of creating your own hero and performing amazing super combos on invading aliens and regular street thugs.  Champions Online’s free weekend runs from 10AM PST today through 10am PST Monday in celebration of their live event called Blood Moon.  Battle hordes of undead heroes and be one of the first to tool around with the new celestial power set.  Click the link above to get started right away or feel free to browse some of our preview and impression articles by clicking the links below!

PNG, Bill Roper, and Champions Online
PNG Adventures in Champions Online – The Equestrian Born
PNG Adventures in Champions Online – Getting Stronger

PNG TGIF 10/23/09 – Killing Floor and Dragon Age: Journeys

Co-op zombie death and destruction

Got a PC and some time to kill this weekend?  Have an unreasonable hatred for the undead?  Well Steam has a deal for you!  This weekend only, the 6 player co-op zombie killing extravaganza called Killing Floor is free to play!  It also appears to be on sale for $14.99 (regularly $19.99) if you find it to be enjoyable and wish to support Tripwire Interactive.  After looking over everything it has to offer, it looks to be pretty tight and very meaty.  I mean, look at the guy with the sword in the picture!

If a flash browser based tactical RPG is more your deal and you’ve been clamoring for any bit of Dragon Age content you can get, you might want to check out Dragon Age: Journeys.  From the little I’ve played, it’s quite interesting and has a simple but pleasing art style.  You can tell right away that they put some serious thought and time into it. 

Have at it PNG’ers and we’ll see you next week!

PNG T.G.I.F 9/18/09

This price is totally right!

It’s been awhile since we did a TGIF and there are two delicious morels of PC gaming ready for your enjoyment on a lazy weekend afternoon.  First game is one that seems to go free for a weekend on Steam every couple of months.  Unreal Tournament 3 is free to play all weekend and also deeply discounted from $19.99 to $8.

Also, in celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day (9/19/09), Telltale Games and LucasArts are offering codes to unlock the demo of the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island.  They are also offering the full season of adventures for $5 off.  Check out this post at Joystiq for details.

Enjoy your weekend PNGers!

T.G.I.F. (This Game Is Frustrating.. but also great)

Don't play near your children - you might accidentally uppercut them in the face.

God damned Ikaruga.

Oh, boy is this game great.  This week’s Xbox Live Arcade Deal-of-the-Week brings Treasure’s legendary shooter down to a very reasonable 400 Microsoft Points – or just five bucks.  Before I go into why purchasing this game is a good idea, let me give you a stern warning:

Ikaruga is so difficult, that playing it might cause any of the following side effects:  Bloody urine, Migraine Headache, Divorce,  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,  Shingles,  Explosive Diarrhea,  Aneurism, Catatonia, and Spontaneous Combustion.  It is also possible that playing Ikaruga may contribute to feelings of depression and suicide.  Do not play Ikaruga if you are pregnant, or are planning on becoming pregnant, or if you value your self-esteem.  Talk to your doctor before playing Ikaruga.

Now, taking the above warning into account, Ikaruga really is a game that’s worth checking out – if, and only if, you are the type of gamer who enjoys pushing through a frustrating experience to master a craft.  In this case, the craft of shooting the shit out of a lot of enemy fighters. Thanks to the dual polarity system that Treasure has built into this masterpiece, Ikaruga really stands out from its shmup brethren as both a unique and challenging experience that is really unmatched.  For the price of a greasy value meal, you can get your hands on one of the most legendary games ever created – but only this weekend.  So what are you waiting for?  Pick up the full game now, or at least check out the trial game.

Gameplay video after the break.  Have a great weekend!

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PNG TGIF 7/10/09

The only thing this game is missing is Tachikomas.

It’s another friday here at PNG and we are hooking you up with some links to free weekend gaming!

First up is a game I talked about on the podcast a little bit last night called NeoTokyo.  It’s a full conversion mod for any Half Life 2 Source game that let’s you download the Source SDK.  If you’re a fan of Ghost in the Shell and cyber punk and enjoy games like Counter Strike, you’ll find that this game should please your palate.  I dig it and hope to have some impressions up on the site soon.

If team based multiplayer FPS’s aren’t your bag and you love yourself a large open ended RPG, you can do some retro gaming courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.  They just announced that Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is now free.  Understand that it is being released as is with no technical or customer support.  You also need to run it through a DOS emulator that Bethesda so kindly points you to in the above link.

Hit the jump for the official NeoTokyo trailer and some random user trailer I yoinked from YouTube. Continue reading


This Game is So Free!

Another Friday, another round of free games to tide you over for the weekend.

We talked about Battlefield Heroes a few times on our podcast, and now is your chance to play it for yourselves.  This browser based 3rd person shooter is free to play and actually quite a bit of fun.  It is now open to everybody and I encourage you to at least give it a go.

We got a comment from a user on a post Logan did back in March about Starseige: Tribes getting a free browser based version of the game.  Shazbot left some information about an already existing version of Tribes 2 that can be played for free.  You’ll find the info in their blog post when you click that link.

Have and a safe and dope ass 4th of July PNG’ers!

PNG TGIF (Sorry We’re Late!)

It's all flash, but it's free!
Apologies for the lateness of this post!  While most of the weekend is gone, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a lazy Sunday with some free games.  Gamefly, the mail order video game rental site, just recently launched a site that is full of free flash games called Ponged.  I haven’t gotten a chance to peruse the site completely, but it’s coming from a reputable company at the right price of free!  Give it a shot, and if you do, come back and let us know how it is.

PNG TGIF (This Game is Free)

Logan and Jim just wet their pants.

To keep our harsh taskmaster Logan Persons appeased, I’m throwing up a quick post to ensure we meet our daily post total for the week.  In the spirit of our old Daily’s, I submit to you some free gaming goodness for the weekend.  We talked a little bit about this on the podcast, but if D&D is your cup of tea and you’re looking for a free to play MMO, you could do a lot worse!  Head on over to DDO’s official page to get your game on.