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PNG Daily 5/26/2009: This Holiday will Make Your Bank Account Cry

Bioshock 2

The fires have died down and the last of the hamburgers has been devoured so that could only mean it’s back to the daily grind here at Pixels and Grids.  One of the biggest bits of news to hit the tubes today is that Bioshock 2 got a release date.  You can expect to lay down $60 of your cold hard cash come November 3rd.  That’s just eight short days sooner than Modern Warfare 2.  Whatever happened to staggering the release of big hits so gamers don’t have to live on ramen for 2 months out of the year?

There’s always good news for frugal PC gamers though.  EA Taste... the future!announced that BattleForge, the electronic CCG real time strategy game, is joining Battlefield: Heroes as a “Play4Free” title.   I really enjoyed the demo of BattleForge, but I couldn’t understand how EA thought it was cool to charge $40 for the game and then make you buy electronic cards for said game to actually be worth playing.  To be honest, I think any game that requires you to pay a monthly fee or require micro-transactions to be enjoyable shouldn’t cost you a dime up front if you download it electronically.  Downloading the “Play4Free” version of the game will grab you 32 free cards to give you a taste of that digital crack.  Getting more cards will eventually cost you your wife, kids, house, and soul.  So what are you waiting for, go grab it here!

Lastly, if you happen to miss the last free weekend of Unreal Tournament 3 for PC via Steam, you’ll be tickled pink to know that there’s another UT 3 free play weekend coming up.  You can pre-load the game now so that you’re ready to play come 10am PST on Thursday, May 28th.

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Bioshock 2 Gameplay Trailer

That sister be BIG.

Holy crap. Bioshock 2 trailer is up and running on GameTrailers.com, and looking rather hot I must say.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.


PNG Audiophile: These Horses Have Armor

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Check out the one piece of DLC you’ll never regret downloading – the Pixels and Grids Audiophile! Today we talk a bit about Resident Evil 5, Bioshock 2, Left 4 Dead, The Lost and Damned, and have a round table … Continue reading

A friendly reminder: don’t forget to bring a towel


For all you Bioshock fans out there (read: everyone…or damn well should be), I hope you’re keepin your eyes on www.somethinginthesea.com.  I mentioned it briefly on the podcast last week, but if you missed it, the lovely folks at Take 2 have been kind enough to toss us some sweet Bioshock 2 morsels.  These savory bits are coming in the form of news clippings, wanted posters, and letters tacked on a world map.  Best part?  It seems that the site is being updated on a daily basis.  It looks like they’re already doing a bang-up job setting the mood, but what’s next?  No Ryan.  No Fontaine.  No…. well, no anyone really.  Tenenbaum maybe?  I would have said spoiler alert, but if you haven’t played this game yet, you don’t deserve the courtesy.

Oh, take notice of the new Game Informer cover.  “Big Sister awaits your return to Rapture?”  Tenenbaum is sounding better (or worse?).


PNG Daily 3/5/09: Pixels, Pixels, Pixels


BioWare for the most part can do no wrong.  Information on Dragon Age Origins has been trickling out for quite awhile now, but Kotaku has a post up with about 5 new screen shots.  Bioware also announced that they are releasing a graphic novel for the backstory of the game.  I got a chance to see this game in action at Gencon ’08 when Bioware was doing limited showings in the dealer hall and it is nothing short of jaw dropping.  I can only imagine what they’ve done with it so far!

2K Games and Take Two are starting the hype train for Bioshock 2.  You’ll find a story about the new site that was launched a picture of a poster stapled to a telephone pole that points the said site over here

Batman: Arkham Asylum is joining the ranks of Fallout 3 and Dawn of War 2 on Games for Windows – Live per this article from Joystiq.  Let’s hope that more triple A titles jump on that wagon so Microsoft will make the entire thing a little more functional like it’s console counter part.  This means the game will allow you to be logged on to your gamertag, earn gamerscore points by unlocking achievements, and send messages to friends on Live.

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