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PNG TGIF 10/23/09 – Killing Floor and Dragon Age: Journeys

Co-op zombie death and destruction

Got a PC and some time to kill this weekend?  Have an unreasonable hatred for the undead?  Well Steam has a deal for you!  This weekend only, the 6 player co-op zombie killing extravaganza called Killing Floor is free to play!  It also appears to be on sale for $14.99 (regularly $19.99) if you find it to be enjoyable and wish to support Tripwire Interactive.  After looking over everything it has to offer, it looks to be pretty tight and very meaty.  I mean, look at the guy with the sword in the picture!

If a flash browser based tactical RPG is more your deal and you’ve been clamoring for any bit of Dragon Age content you can get, you might want to check out Dragon Age: Journeys.  From the little I’ve played, it’s quite interesting and has a simple but pleasing art style.  You can tell right away that they put some serious thought and time into it. 

Have at it PNG’ers and we’ll see you next week!

Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator Now Available for PC

Dragon Age: Origins

If you’re the type that needs some serious time to plan your RPG characters (virtual or tabletop), this might just be your bag.  Bioware has made the full Dragon Age: Origins character creator available for download for PC.  The download is roughly 318mb and will allow you to create your character, export it to the final release, and use it as an avatar in the Bioware community forums. 

Hey Russ, you gonna hit them forums for a munched out build?
I kid!

Star Wars: The Old Republic Opens Beta Registration

What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon?

That’s right, strap on your jetpacks and skimpy space bikinis, Star Wars: The Old Republic beta registration is here!  Be aware that this does not automatically get you into the beta, but gives you a chance to kill Jedi like the dogs they are (if you couldn’t tell, I’m pro Sith).  Also, it appears that the internet has swarmed the site bringing it to it’s knees at least once today.  I’ve currently been trying to register for about an hour to no avail.  Good luck, and may the force be with you.

I had to say it!

PNG Gencon Hands On – Dragon Age: Origins (PC)

Dragon Age: Origins

I had the opportunity to give Dragon Age: Origins a shot on PC for 15 to 20 minutes on the show floor while chatting up with the game’s producer Fernando Melo.  It only took that short amount of time to convince me that this would be one of the most satisfying games of 2009 for PC, XBOX 360,  PS3.
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PNG Daily 4/9/09: Mad Crazy Respect…

Dave Arneson, 10/1/1947 - 4/7/2009

Dave Arneson, 10/1/1947 - 4/7/2009

It is a sad day.  My “Internet Sifter” blew up today with same news spanning different video and tabletop gaming sites.  Mr. Dave Arneson, one of the fathers of the tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons passed away Tuesday night.  As I said, pretty much every site I aggregate my news from had it but I’ll link you to Wizards press release here.  Rest in peace good sir, if it wasn’t for you and and the also deceased Gary Gygax, RPG games in every format wouldn’t quite be what they are today.

We press onward though with some other less sombre bits of daily news.

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PNG Daily 3/5/09: Pixels, Pixels, Pixels


BioWare for the most part can do no wrong.  Information on Dragon Age Origins has been trickling out for quite awhile now, but Kotaku has a post up with about 5 new screen shots.  Bioware also announced that they are releasing a graphic novel for the backstory of the game.  I got a chance to see this game in action at Gencon ’08 when Bioware was doing limited showings in the dealer hall and it is nothing short of jaw dropping.  I can only imagine what they’ve done with it so far!

2K Games and Take Two are starting the hype train for Bioshock 2.  You’ll find a story about the new site that was launched a picture of a poster stapled to a telephone pole that points the said site over here

Batman: Arkham Asylum is joining the ranks of Fallout 3 and Dawn of War 2 on Games for Windows – Live per this article from Joystiq.  Let’s hope that more triple A titles jump on that wagon so Microsoft will make the entire thing a little more functional like it’s console counter part.  This means the game will allow you to be logged on to your gamertag, earn gamerscore points by unlocking achievements, and send messages to friends on Live.

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