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PNG Daily 4/9/09: Mad Crazy Respect…

Dave Arneson, 10/1/1947 - 4/7/2009

Dave Arneson, 10/1/1947 - 4/7/2009

It is a sad day.  My “Internet Sifter” blew up today with same news spanning different video and tabletop gaming sites.  Mr. Dave Arneson, one of the fathers of the tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons passed away Tuesday night.  As I said, pretty much every site I aggregate my news from had it but I’ll link you to Wizards press release here.  Rest in peace good sir, if it wasn’t for you and and the also deceased Gary Gygax, RPG games in every format wouldn’t quite be what they are today.

We press onward though with some other less sombre bits of daily news.

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