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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Runewars

Behold, the face of a $100 board game!

I have often times found myself wanting to take my digital conquests in games such as Civilization IV to my sizable coffee table.  Many a time has this simple piece of swedish furniture been transformed into a stage for epic battles and unspeakable horrors.  A lot of these times, it’s been with the help of a Fantasy Flight game.  We got a press release dropped to us with some info concerning their next epic-sized box format release. 

Scheduled for release this winter at MSRP $99.95, Runewars is a board game based around empire building, battles, quests, and resource management.  If your a fan of the setting for Runebound and Descent: Journey’s in the Dark, you’ll be happy to hear that Runewars is based in the same universe.  When they say epic-sized, they mean it as the game will contain nearly 200 plastic mini’s, 3-D mountain terrain, and hundreds of cards and tokens.   You might also want to check out this post by Fantasy Flight CEO and founder Christian Petersen with some background on Runewars

How they manage to fit all their pieces into one man made board game box is always a wonder to me.  I might just need to buy myself another piece of stylish swedish furniture and prepare myself and 2-3 other friends for merriment this winter!

PNG Daily 3/3/2009: Sure, Pick up a Sixer and Come on by


It’s all about the Grids in this daily today kids!

It is a known fact that the PNG Crew gets down with Cthulhu every Thursday night for our podcasts.  Our close friendship with the elder thing causes us to squeal in girlish delight whenever we see his visage in any form.  Fantasy Flight is preying on our weakness and announced a 6 pack of these adorable little mini’s hitting hobby and game shops near you in April.

Boardgame News has a heartwarming editorial up about a two player match between a father and daughter where it goes into what their strategies are.  The interesting part about this isn’t necessarily the editorial, but the fact that they were playing a game that requires three players with only two.  You can grab the alternate rules from BoardGameGeek.com here.  It’s the beauty of the Grids we so love in general, that we’re not confined by the directions in the instructions and are free to tweak them to make the games more enjoyable for us!  You could say that certain Pixels like Little Big Planet allow you ultimate freedom, but that’s still only to an extent.  There simply isn’t the space, time, or money to allow complete freedom in a video game.

This one is for all of you HeroClix fans out there.  TabletopGamingNews.com has a post up that points to a blog post over at SaveHeroClix.com that should give you hope.  Topps basically shut down Wizkids back in November of ’08 and left all of their properties in limbo.  The old brand manager took some of those employees, formed a new company called Pinata Games and has been trying to get Hero Clix from them ever since.  It appears that not only has Mr. Jake Theis almost clinched a deal for Hero Clix from Topps, but may have nabbed the rights for some other Wizkids IP not yet named.

Last part of this loooong daily post is a thanks to all of the new people swarming the site along with the commenters.  I hope you enjoy all the work we’ve been putting into the content and the constant refining of the site design by Jim Bradford and Logan Persons.   Please be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed that you will find to the sidebar on the right if you’ve been picking up what we’re putting down.

Outtie 5k.