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PNG Impressions: Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story DS

Fire Goomba's, better than regular Goomba's

Unfortunately not often enough, does an RPG come around that instantly captures exactly what makes an RPG good.  There are plenty of RPG’s that follow the formula but don’t deliver once the game is finished.  Thinking back to the days of the PS1 when RPG’s were at their high point, It seemed like every one of them was a treasure.  Those days are gone for the most part with the shelves being flooded with a new JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) every other week.  I thought back to the PS2 and with the exception of a few Final Fantasy’s there wasn’t much that really made me reminisce about the system.  And also now with the inclusion of 3 newer systems that have 3-4 under their belts I can’t really say RPG’s have made any comeback.

This is where the DS, in my opinion, has really shined since its release.  I can count at least a good 10 RPG’s that really have made the system stand out the way the PS1 did.  With tons of remakes, ports, and even original RPG’s I have really filled that gap by owning a DS over the years.  And it keeps getting better now that the newest Mario and Luigi RPG game has been released, and it is unlike any other RPG out there.  And that’s a good thing.

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