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PNG T.G.I.F. 10/30/09 – Champions Online

Champions Online Logo

This weeks T.G.I.F. (This Game is Free) edition is sponsored by Cryptic Studios’ Champions Online.  Experience the thrill of creating your own hero and performing amazing super combos on invading aliens and regular street thugs.  Champions Online’s free weekend runs from 10AM PST today through 10am PST Monday in celebration of their live event called Blood Moon.  Battle hordes of undead heroes and be one of the first to tool around with the new celestial power set.  Click the link above to get started right away or feel free to browse some of our preview and impression articles by clicking the links below!

PNG, Bill Roper, and Champions Online
PNG Adventures in Champions Online – The Equestrian Born
PNG Adventures in Champions Online – Getting Stronger


PNG Bro-Down Episode 33 – PNG Broderlands

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 PNG Bro-Down Episode 33 – PNG Broderlands HEY-YOOOO!  That is one marvelous PNG Bro-Down family portrait courtesy of Steve!  On this episode we chime in on some Modern Warfare 2 news, talk about how dope the Left 4 Dead 2 … Continue reading

PNG Adventures in Champions Online – Getting Stronger

Respect.  Know about it!

When we last left PNG’s fearless hero, he was boarding an aircraft for the Southwest Desert for more adventure and excitement.  Irradiates have erected a radiation shield around (insert acronym here) and it’s up to heroes like The Equestrian to save the day!

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PNG Bro-down Episode 29 – The Dads You Always Wanted

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PNG Bro-down Episode 29 – The Dads You Always Wanted It’s that time again, PNG fans!  Just like a loving and supportive father figure, we here at Pixels and Grids take pride in delivering quality audio content to you in … Continue reading

PNG Adventures in Champions Online – The Equestrian Born

Half horse, half man, all PNG

It’s been a long weekend PNG’ers and we’re ready to hit the ground running.  Today starts my weekly articles on my experiences with Champions Online.  I sat down on launch day of Champions Online and really thought about what and who my Champion would be.  It had to be something special and with flair, and more importantly, represent Pixels and Grids to his fullest capacity.  We needed a hero… and this is how The Equestrian was born.

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PNG, Bill Roper, and Champions Online

Everything the light touches is your kingdom...On paper, Champions Online really does seem like Cryptic Studio’s previous outing (City of Heroes/Villians) into a superhero MMO.  As a matter of fact, I believe their only competition in that genre is a game that they themselves created.  So why make another superhero MMO, you know, besides having sold off the City of Heroes/Villains license to NCSoft?  I was able to have a few words with Bill Roper (who had some pretty dope kicks on) of Cryptic Studios while at Gencon to find out exactly why and what separates this Champions Online from the ravenous pack of MMORPGS.
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PNG Bro-down, The Gencon Chronicles Ep2 – So Many Games, So Little Time

PNG Bro-down, The Gencon Chronicles 09 Ep2 – So Many Games, So little Time The crew sits down to talk about what we’ve been playing and who we’ve been talking to on the show floor in our second episode of … Continue reading