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PNG Daily 3/31/09: Things That Make You Go Hmmm


The biggest news of the day just makes me want to scratch my head in wonder.  Yesterday, Logan posted toward the end of the Daily that the PS2 was rumored to be getting a price drop down to $99 US American dollars.  This is no longer a rumor.  While a price drop on this timeless and fantastic system is welcome, you kind of have to wonder why it didn’t come just a little bit sooner, just take a look at these numbers over at MTV Multiplayer here.  So now that it’s happened, does it make you want to run out and get another PS2 again?  Jim Bradford may help push you over that cliff later tonight by posting a list of games you might have missed when you got rid of your last gen system.  We shall all follow him like obediant little lemmings.

Good news for those of you that were inconvenienced by recent Dungeons & Dragons Online and Asheron’s Call server downtime.  You’ll find a list of goodies you’ll receive over here at Massively in addition to your recouped lost time.  It’s nice to see a developer of older MMO’s going the extra mile to keep their player base.

If you’ve been playing games or are planning on playing games over at Days of Wonder online, you’ll want to check out this news post by them.  It appears that you no longer get time credit for buying one of their board games to play the games they have available online.  It’s being replaced by a model where you purchase the game you would like to play online and that will give you access till robots enslave mankind.   In addition to this different payment model, they’re upgrading certain online games and adding community content.  This seems like a baller model that other board game companies might want to pay attention to.  If I have the choice of buying a grid version of a game I might play once or twice a year due to lack of players or a digital version that I could play pretty much anytime I want, my option is very clear. 

We didn’t want to risk talking about StarDock’s newly announced DRM, GOO, until there was a little bit more information available on it.  Giant Bomb has an article up here that goes into a good amount of detail and links to where you can get more information.  It seems that if PC games start using this kind of DRM Dave might get his wish, the ability to “trade in” digitally downloaded PC games.

Finally, that poor newly released Fallout 3 content for Xbox 360 just can’t seem to catch a break.  Check out the scoop here at 1up.  It’s apparently causing the game to freeze when you try to access the new content.  Get better little guy, we hope you get over that cold soon.

Outtie 5k

PNG Daily 3/12/09: Midnight Madness!


While the majority of you may be out purchasing your copies of Resident Evil 5 at various retailers tonight, three of us will be working hard to bring you your weekly fix of PNG Audiophile.  I’m packing this daily with lots of RE flavor and a dash of grids at the end.

Capcom is making my brain boil.  The DLC that was announced for Resident Evil 5 that adds various multiplayer modes will be released in few weeks per Kotaku and other reliable sources.  That’s fairly sweet to be putting out new content for a game so soon after it’s release.  It’s kind of like how Lionhead Studios added the multiplayer patch on day one to Fable II for free.
Well… almost, kind of, sort of like that.
Capcom actually wants to charge you $5 for content that probably should have been on the disc in the first place or else released as a free update.  They should probably learn a thing or two from Valve and Lionhead Studios.

Capcom’s big Resident Evil reveals that they had hinted at for Wii owners earlier in the week are detailed at Joystiq here.  It looks like a sequel to Umbrella Chronicles and ports of the Gamecube games Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0.

The feeds have been kind quiet as of late with grids news.  Days of Wonder launched the official site for Small World where you can find all sorts of info on gameplay and a link to their store to preorder the game.  It looks like it’s due to ship out around May 5th.  You’ll see where PNG linked to some information about it back in our very first Daily post.

My how you’ve grown into such a strapping young lad PNG Daily.  You’re mother is so proud of you.

Outtie 5k.