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PNG AudioBoo – PNG vs Gamestop vs Digital Distribution

It's really not as epic as you think

PNG AudioBoo – PNG vs Gamestop vs Digital Distribution

We’re always looking for new ways to get our content out there for you and I happened to stumble upon this neat little app called Audio Boo for the iPhone while following one of the guys from Giant Bomb.  Interested to see how it works, I installed it on my girlfriends iPhone and gave it a shot.  Being quite pleased with it, I decided to use it to do my post today. 

For now, you can wait till I post gaming related AudioBoo’s on the site or you can find all of my personal AudioBoo’s here.  The ‘Boo’s that I post at that link are unaltered so you won’t hear the Mario sound bytes in them.  You’ll also find links to subscribe to them in iTunes or via any other RSS feed reader.

PNG Daily 4/14/09: Doing it Right!

demigod deal

While Kotaku reporting that Gamestop broke Demigod’s release date is interesting, you’ll find something really interesting over at Demigod’s actual homepage.  In addition to coming up with an interesting way of handling DRM with their GOO (courtesy of WIRED’s Gamelife), Stardock seems to be going along the right track with digital distribution.  They are selling the digital copy of the game for $10 less than what you would pay for a physical copy of the game.  While I haven’t been following Demigod closely at all, $40 is well known to be a sweet spot with the staff here at PNG.  Gas Powered Games and Stardock, you guys are doing it so right!

It’s rough in these oh so hard economic times, even more so if you’ve lost your job.  However, if you happen to be interested in being an Assistant Art Coordinator or Marketing Content Coordinator for a traditional gaming company, Fantasy Flight Games is hiring!  The gigs are located in Roseville, Minnasota so you have to either live close by or be willing to relocate probably.

There’s a big rumor making the rounds on the nets about the future of Warhawk.  Sony has registered “Starhawk” and 1up was all over it.  I love me some of the original Warhawk for PS1 and it blows my mind to think of it in space.  After all, space is cool.