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The Dopest Wii Remote You Have Ever Seen


Gentlemen, behold!  What we have here is a Wii remote in the shape of the newest Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver.  Perfect for when you buy Asylum Entertainment’s upcoming Wii game, Doctor Who: Return to Earth.  It will feature the likenesses of Matt Smith (Doctor Who) and Karen Killen (Amy Pond).  While I do enjoy the new Doctor, I’ll always be partial to David Tennant and his version of the sonic screwdriver.


Cubicle 7 Releases Doctor Who: Aventures in Time and Space Previews

Dr. Who RPG Front CoverThere are a few of us here that absolutely fell in love with current revival of the popular BBC show Doctor Who.  When we heard that Cubicle 7 was releasing a tabletop RPG based on the new series, our elation could hardly be contained.  Jeff found a replica Captain Jack Harkness costume and I slapped on some woman’s underwear and a blonde wig to assume the role of Rose Tyler.  While we had our own grand adventures in time and space, the events of that night can never be spoken again…

All kidding aside, Cubicle 7 put up a sample character sheet here and a preview of the first 7 pages of the first chapter here.  I got a chance to demo the game at Gencon ’08 and found the mechanics fairly simple and quite enjoyable.  You should be aware though that it looks like the book will only really have information and stats for people, places, and things from the past 5 series with the new Doctors.