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so you think you can DM: description

It's kinda like that one show...but with less dancing

Welcome to a new segment that we plan on rolling out on occasion.  SytycDM is a resource for the aspiring, improving, or constantly self-bettering Dungeon Master.  While the skills that are listed are not limited to Dungeons and Dragons, most will fall within that context.  So, without further ado, grab your grid paper and DM screen and follow me over the jump.

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Vin Diesel: “I’m Deadly.” PNG Agrees

Modesty be damned.  Mr. Diesel has finally said what you should already know!  So deadly that even when sucking on helium he still sounds tougher than you!  It is well known that Vinny is a fan of the pixels AND the grids and talks about both in this interview with Jonathan Ross of BBC One.