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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Preload = EPIC FAIL. Steam Kids RAGE.

If you preordered your copy of Bad Company 2 for a console and are just getting home from a midnight release, I (along with many Steam kids) envy you.  You see, there’s been a bit of a SNAFU with the digital PC version of the game for Steam.  This does not affect the Direct 2 Drive or EA digital versions of the game and those kids are most likely blowing each other up in a war-torn virtual landscape as we speak.  This is, however, not the reason I’m posting.  No, no, no PNG’ers… the real reason is the fallout one can witness on the Steam forums.  You’ll find internet memes, flame wars, and a lot of other nonsense in those forums.  An excellent time killer and source of instant amusement. 

As one of the many that preordered the game on Steam, I can understand the frustration.  Vecna knows that Valve’s servers are sometimes sub par and it may very well be a cluster frak if DICE/EA/Valve don’t get a preload kicked off soon.  That being said, Valve gives a clear timeline one when their preordered games unlock.  A quick look at Steam’s store page for Bad Company 2 shows the game isn’t even set to unlock until 2PM EST.  This has actually been bumped up from the original 6PM EST that was being displayed when I ordered the game.  DICE/EA/Valve also never stated that there would be a preload.  Fact of the matter is that it doesn’t really matter if the preload happens now or in the morning… we still can’t play it.  Until then there will be a whole lot of QQ and very little PEW PEW.

Oh, and I believe that’s (not) an actual picture of Gabe Newell.  I pixellated the tasty bits so as to leave something to imagination.

PNG TGIF 10/23/09 – Killing Floor and Dragon Age: Journeys

Co-op zombie death and destruction

Got a PC and some time to kill this weekend?  Have an unreasonable hatred for the undead?  Well Steam has a deal for you!  This weekend only, the 6 player co-op zombie killing extravaganza called Killing Floor is free to play!  It also appears to be on sale for $14.99 (regularly $19.99) if you find it to be enjoyable and wish to support Tripwire Interactive.  After looking over everything it has to offer, it looks to be pretty tight and very meaty.  I mean, look at the guy with the sword in the picture!

If a flash browser based tactical RPG is more your deal and you’ve been clamoring for any bit of Dragon Age content you can get, you might want to check out Dragon Age: Journeys.  From the little I’ve played, it’s quite interesting and has a simple but pleasing art style.  You can tell right away that they put some serious thought and time into it. 

Have at it PNG’ers and we’ll see you next week!

Second Opinion: Music Game Sales are Hitting a Saturation Point

you can't be serious

Woh woh woh woh, easy there killer!

You just woke up PNG’s sleeping giant by stepping into my territory.  Never have I seen something on this site that I have taken more umbrage with than your article Dave.  Nothing personal, but I can’t let this article go without ripping it into tiny pieces.

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Music Game Sales are hitting a saturation point

If this chart was an equalizer, then both games would have had their volume turned way down

It was bound to happen at some point, and today Gamasutra posted declining sales figures for the two biggest music based games out there… Guitar Hero and Rock Band.  Sales on the two big games are down 49% for the year and while those numbers are to be expected at some point, this seems to be the hardest year for MTV/EA Games and Activision.

Considering this is the biggest year for Guitar Hero so far with around 6 releases ( GH: Metallica, GH: Van Halen, GH: Smash Hits, GH: 5, Band Hero, and DJ Hero), and Rock Band with around 6 releases ( RB Track Pack: Classic Rock, RB Track Pack 2, RB Track Pack Country, RB: Beatles, RB: Unplugged for PSP, and RB: Lego Rock Band), there has never been more content for these games.  So why the declining sales figures?  I think it’s pretty safe to say that in this case more content is not whats going to save this genre, or these franchises.

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PNG Daily 5/5/2009: Choose Your Own Origins

You see what I did there?  The O's are D20's!

It is shaping up to be quite a week of tabletop announcements.  Hot on the heels of Paizo’s Pathfinder Core Rulebook going “gold”, Green Ronin has announced they will be putting out a paper & pencil Dragon Age RPG.  The plan is to release a box set of the necessary rulebooks sometime this summer.  Pathfinder comes out in mid August and they just sent it to the printers so this makes me wonder how long Green Ronin had to sit on this news.  Congrats guys.

The rumor mill was set alight today with murmerings that Apple might be purchasing EA.  Go ahead and take a look at the Gamasutra article that everybody seems to be pulling the news from, as it’s a fairly interesting read.  I especially like the part where Wedbush Morgan’s very own Michael Pachter is quoted as saying it “sounds retarded”.  That’s probably not something you want to be quoted saying.

 Fallout 3 DLC is batting 1 for 3 with clean launches.  1up is reporting that the PC version of the Broken Steel DLC is, well, broken.  This time it’s apparently not Bethesda’s fault but an issue with Windows Live DRM.  So now I know I can blame Microsoft for ruining my Tuesday night plans of playing some new Fallout 3 DLC. 

Lastly, anybody interested in giving Windows 7 a test drive before it’s initial release in October for free can do so.  I believe the release candidate is good till June 1st, 2010.  I would have forgotten if it wasn’t for LifeHacker.

PNG Daily 3/20/09: Working for the Weekend


Joystiq has an article that contains some excerpts from an interview Gamasutra did with the General Manager of EA Partners, David DeMartini, over here.  It gives me high hopes for my Mirror’s Edge sequel.  EA, you’ve been doing it so right.

Wizards of the Coast has an article up here about the history of the Druid and Bard classes in D&D throughout the various editions.  This includes their current role in 4th Edition in the new Player’s Handbook 2.  People, all I have to say is Wizards is gouging us at the 4E.

I apparently have let the Friday Dev. Diaries over at Giant Bomb slip through my Internet Sifter and I couldn’t be any more full of regret and shame.  They’ve been following developer Starbreeze Studios over the past few weeks getting the dish on Chronicles of Riddick:  Assault on Dark Athena.  You’ll find some interesting terms those crazy Swedes used during the the making of one of our most anticipated games here.

Lastly, I don’t think you should go through this weekend if you have a couple of hours to kill without giving the latest Bombcast a listen.  If you dig our podcasts then you will love what the guys over at Giant Bomb put out every Tuesday.  I highly recommend the episode put out on 3-17.  LINK!

Outtie 5k

PNG Daily 3/18/09: I Am So Sorry!


For those of you that have been contemplating jumping back into Magic or even giving it a shot for the first time, Wizards of the Coast is giving away free decks here.  You’ll have to wait 6 – 8 weeks for the deck so I hope you weren’t looking to start anytime soon.  But hey, one can not argue with the price.

EA, you are no longer the hellish company that the majority of the gaming population used to despise.  I yoinked this from Joystiq but pretty much every online news outlet and blog has a post up about it.  Godfather II will have a day one patch that adds in a new multiplayer mode for FREE!  Take that Capcom!

Mountain Dew is at it again with their gamer targeted marketing.  Giant Bomb has a post up detailing World of Warcraft and Mountain Dew’s joint venture to get you to pour some gamer fuel down your gullet.  You’ll find the news post along with drink mixing recommendations here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m still trying to sleep off my excess of irish spirit.

Outtie 5k

Will the Recession Kill Video Games Part 2


In part one of my editorial I explained why gamers should not fear the reaper when it comes to the recession killing our favorite digital hobby. However, this is not to say that all is well. Many popular franchises and, perhaps more importantly, publishers are in danger of being lost forever. In part two of “Will the Recession Kill Video Games,” I once again peer into the crystal ball after the break to take a look at the foreseeable future of the video game publishers whose games we all spend hard earned dollars on.
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PNG Daily 3/4/09: Boy, Have We Got a Deal For You!



The feeds dished me up some news on some crazy sales today.  Allow me to put some bullet points up for you.  Kotaku has a list of EA games that are getting what appears to be permanent price drops.  Two titles really stand out on this list and that is Dead Space for $50 and Mirror’s Edge for $40, both spectacular critically acclaimed titles that just didn’t get those oh so tough holiday sales EA was expecting.  Joystiq is reporting that Microsoft is running a limited time promotion for Xbox Silver members that will allow them to upgrade to Gold for a year for $39.99 instead of the usual $49.99.  It is sad that Amazon has actually been doing Microsoft one better… one month better that is.  You can pick up a 13 month subscription card from Amazon for $39.99 with free supersaver shipping here.  Finally, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is on sale for $19.99 as Amazon’s deal of the day per Kotaku.  It’ll probably come to around $25 with shipping unless you decide to get something else that will push the actual purchase over $25 to nab that supersaver shipping.  If you’re one of the precious new adopters of our website, check out our review and see if you can spare some change for a game that was good enough to buy at it’s original price.

BoardGameNews.com continues to wrap up some details of specific game publishers releases at the 2009 New York Toy Fair.  What caught my eye was the little blurb about what Looney Labs is coming out with.  I am an avid fan of Are you a Werewolf but getting at least 8 people together to play it can sometimes be a chore.  Five people sounds a bit more manageable however.

Kotaku digs deep and possibly gives Jeff a little bit of hope about Wii Motion Plus’ release date.  An EA rep might have spilled a bean or two when it mentioned that they’re new tennis game will utilize the adapter that is scheduled to be out before their game’s release date of 6/18/09.  Read between those lines Jeff.

You should probably be grabbing the new Chronicles of Riddick:  Escape from Dark Athena demo off of Xbox Live right now by the way.  It just hit today and a couple of us should have some impressions up either on the site or in the podcast tomorrow.

Hit this link for the most ridiculous 13 mins or so that I’ve ever spent watching a video courtesy of Giant Bomb.  You’ll find it towards the bottom of the post. 

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