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PNG Daily 04/16/09: Doing it Wrong!

Time to play the game... under adult supervision.

Time to play the game... under adult supervision.

The NY Daily News is reporting that a 9 year old Brooklyn boy fell to his death after trying to construct a makeshift parachute to soften the 13 story leap.  While certainly tragic, you wouldn’t be blamed for asking, “what does this have to do with gaming?”  One look at the title of the article answers this question:  9-year-old Damori Miles dies in jump off Brooklyn apartment, may have been imitating video game.  So once again we purveyors of evil are brought to the forefront for the righteous to scapegoat admonish.  A quick perusal down gaming memory lane might turn up some culprits as to the inspiration for a boy parachuting, or at least trying to.  Let’s see, I dunno, there’s Batman, Paratroopers, Medal of Honor, etc.  These would all be wrong.  The real villain:  WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009.  Ummm…. right.

In summation this is not at all the fault of the boy’s mother leaving the child (who requires special education) alone, IN BROOKLYN, while she went shopping, nor the apartment whose roof door was not locked and whose alarm did not sound as it should.  Instead, because the boy’s friend let slip that SvR 09 was his favorite game (rated T by the way), it is now the fault of a game in which not only does no wrestler ever wear, operate, or use a parachute in any way, although I’m sure Owen Hart would have loved to have one but is based on an entertainment medium that is actually performed for millions to see in REAL LIFE!  Nonetheless, the WWE and wrestling in general is not being blamed, just the video game based on it.  Way to go NY Daily News.

In more lighthearted goings on, Jimmy Fallon is delivering on his promise to make video games an integral part of his show.  G4’s Morgan Webb joined Mr. Fallon to play some of Nintendo’s upcoming Wii Title Punch Out!!  While I guess the gaming story here is that we got to see gameplay footage of the highly anticipated title, the real story to me (besides getting to stare at the lovely Ms. Webb) was co-guest Ice-T letting his XBOX Live gamertag slip.  For the record it’s Lord187X.  I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that 187 is police code for assault on an officer and T gained national infamy for releasing a song called “Cop Killer.”  While it’s doubtful you’ll make it on Ice’s friends list (it’s already full) you could challenge his SMG clan in Call of Duty or Gears of War.  Be warned though, Ice T does not sweat you as evidenced by his grave statement “when we come through you layin’ down.”  In other Fallon gaming news Elmo, yes that Elmo, plays Pac-Man!  Oh, good!  You can check out the video after the break.  I can’t wait for Conan O’Brien to get back on the air. 

We’re looking forward to another entertaining podcast, recorded live from the Antarctic tundra and broadcast for your listening pleasure tomorrow.  Subscribe to the feed and be sure to rate us on I-tunes… unless you don’t like us… then you have bad taste. 

Ice-T 5k.

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