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PNG Bro-down Episode 25 – Robots are Scary

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PNG Bro-down Episode 25 – Robots are Scary Welcome to another episode of the PNG Bro-down.  I assure you that despite what I say on the podcast, this is most definitely episode 25.  We keep it low key with a … Continue reading

png review: enviro-bear 2010

Who is driving? A bear is driving! How can this be?Publisher: Justin Smith
Developer: Justin Smith
MSRP:  $0.99   iTunes Store

Grade: B?

Whenever I pick up my iPhone in an attempt to “game”, I feel like some sort of brave pioneer.  Sometimes, as I slide my finger across the sleek screen, I envision my hand instead clutching a machete that I use to pare back the thick overgrowth.  It’s in these moments that I ask myself, “Am I actually having fun?”  In the same token, do explorers in the depths of the jungle have fun?  Likely not, but perhaps behind all that pre-macheted foliage is some treasure, or the Lost City of Zinj, or a pack of murderous Congolese gorillas.  In any case, strap on your pith helmet, grab something hackable, and follow me through the break.

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