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PNG Review – DungeonQuest


Publisher:  Fantasy Flight Games
Designer:  Jakob Bonds
Players: 1 – 4
Ages: 13+
Play Time:  90 mins

MSRP:  $59.95

Grade: A-

Before you read on, know that this game is unforgiving and ball breaking hard.  Playing by the original rules without variation almost guarantees your character will die.  In DungeonQuest, you play one of six adventurers attempting to get to the dragon’s hoard in the center of Dragonfire Dungeon and get out before nightfall.  As nightfall comes the dungeon very well may seal you in forever and leave you at the mercy of Kalladra, the dragon who owns said hoard.  This sounds simple enough but the first thing you learn in this game is that it excels at killing player characters.  I used to think that Arkham Horror was the most brutal and difficult cooperative board game,  until we had our go with DungeonQuest.  It took eight full games with our friends for someone to actually survive Dragonfire Dungeon by getting to the loot and escaping.  While this may not sound enjoyable, there is a sick sort of pleasure you get as you continue to throw yourself in the game.  It becomes becomes an obsession… an unhealthy competition between you and the game.

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Cthulhu, Gaming, and You!

In his house at Ry'leh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all it’s contents 
H.P. Lovecraft, Call of Cthulhu (1926)

For me, October is all about horror.  This is due mostly to everybody’s favorite pagan holiday most endearingly referred to as Halloween.  It can be said that if we as gamers would have what could be called an unofficial mascot of horror and madness,  our guy would be Cthulhu (ka-thu-lou).  Born of from the imagination of one H.P. Lovecarft back in the 1920’s, he is a major part of and figure head of what is now an extensive Mythos filled with unseen and overwhelming horrors.  You can see his influence both directly and indirectly in a lot of tabletop games, video games, and movies even still today.  So why not get into the spirit, hit the jump, and look over some suggestions for immersing your self in the madness of the Mythos.

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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Runewars

Behold, the face of a $100 board game!

I have often times found myself wanting to take my digital conquests in games such as Civilization IV to my sizable coffee table.  Many a time has this simple piece of swedish furniture been transformed into a stage for epic battles and unspeakable horrors.  A lot of these times, it’s been with the help of a Fantasy Flight game.  We got a press release dropped to us with some info concerning their next epic-sized box format release. 

Scheduled for release this winter at MSRP $99.95, Runewars is a board game based around empire building, battles, quests, and resource management.  If your a fan of the setting for Runebound and Descent: Journey’s in the Dark, you’ll be happy to hear that Runewars is based in the same universe.  When they say epic-sized, they mean it as the game will contain nearly 200 plastic mini’s, 3-D mountain terrain, and hundreds of cards and tokens.   You might also want to check out this post by Fantasy Flight CEO and founder Christian Petersen with some background on Runewars

How they manage to fit all their pieces into one man made board game box is always a wonder to me.  I might just need to buy myself another piece of stylish swedish furniture and prepare myself and 2-3 other friends for merriment this winter!

First Impressions – Warhammer: Chaos in the Old World

CitOWBox.jpgWhen I had first heard about Warhammer: Chaos in the Old World, I was knee deep in the Warhammer Fantasy thanks to Warhammer Online.  Logan and I were agents of Chaos in this venerable franchise’s first foray into MMO’s and it felt good to be evil.  Imagine my glee when I heard that Fantasy Flight Games announced Chaos in the Old World, where you play one of the four gods of Chaos vying for control of some of the very lands my character was roaming in Warhammer Online.  While the previews that Fantasy Flight had on their blog were able to satiate my desire a little to play this game, the month of September felt too far away to get my hands on it.  Luckily, the game was being demoed and sold early at Gencon ‘09 and I was able to score a copy.  Shortly afterwards Dave, Logan, and I sat down to take up the mantles of Tzeentch, Khorne, and Nurgle.  Impressions after the jump.

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PNG Gencon Hands On – Warhammer: Invasion

This game is so dope!

I was able to sit down at the Fantasy Flight booth during Gencon for a quick demo of their newest LCG (Living Card Game), Warhammer: Invasion.  Do not consider this a full review, as the game was completely sold out by the middle of the 3rd day of the convention and will not be available until around October.  When the game releases, expect a full review (spoiler alert: It’s fantastic). 

 Set in the Warhammer Fantasy setting, the core set will give you four decks consisting the Empire, Chaos, Dwarf, and Ork factions.  The idea behind Fantasy Flight’s Living Card Game system is that it isn’t necessary to buy any cards beyond this core set.  They will, however, continue to support the game by releasing boosters that will all have the same cards in each pack, a huge difference between games like Magic and the World of Warcraft TCG.  You would only need to buy multiple boosters if you want duplicate copies of certain cards to build a more balanced deck for tourney play.  While the LCG format makes it economically attractive, the simple and fun gameplay is the real gem of this game.
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I’m Apparently a Couple Weeks Late to This Party…

So the name of the picture file is WARCoW.PNG... can you Imagine: War Cowz?

After all of my griping about lack of board game news, I realize that I let this announcement from Fantasy Flight slip by me back on May 27th.  Apparently they announced a Warhammer Fantasy board game Called Chaos in the Old World for this fall.  I’ve become quite a fanboy of the Warhammer Universe as of late with the release of Warhammer Online and Dawn of War II so I will gobble up as much news as I possibly can.  You can find their first preview of Chaos in the Old World here.  It’s all about the Chaos army kids! 

Also, If there are any Warhammer Online players reading this, be aware that if you nab a first run copy of this game it will net you two dope in game items.  Take a look at the announcement link above for more details.

PNG Daily 4/14/09: Doing it Right!

demigod deal

While Kotaku reporting that Gamestop broke Demigod’s release date is interesting, you’ll find something really interesting over at Demigod’s actual homepage.  In addition to coming up with an interesting way of handling DRM with their GOO (courtesy of WIRED’s Gamelife), Stardock seems to be going along the right track with digital distribution.  They are selling the digital copy of the game for $10 less than what you would pay for a physical copy of the game.  While I haven’t been following Demigod closely at all, $40 is well known to be a sweet spot with the staff here at PNG.  Gas Powered Games and Stardock, you guys are doing it so right!

It’s rough in these oh so hard economic times, even more so if you’ve lost your job.  However, if you happen to be interested in being an Assistant Art Coordinator or Marketing Content Coordinator for a traditional gaming company, Fantasy Flight Games is hiring!  The gigs are located in Roseville, Minnasota so you have to either live close by or be willing to relocate probably.

There’s a big rumor making the rounds on the nets about the future of Warhawk.  Sony has registered “Starhawk” and 1up was all over it.  I love me some of the original Warhawk for PS1 and it blows my mind to think of it in space.  After all, space is cool.

PNG Daily 3/3/2009: Sure, Pick up a Sixer and Come on by


It’s all about the Grids in this daily today kids!

It is a known fact that the PNG Crew gets down with Cthulhu every Thursday night for our podcasts.  Our close friendship with the elder thing causes us to squeal in girlish delight whenever we see his visage in any form.  Fantasy Flight is preying on our weakness and announced a 6 pack of these adorable little mini’s hitting hobby and game shops near you in April.

Boardgame News has a heartwarming editorial up about a two player match between a father and daughter where it goes into what their strategies are.  The interesting part about this isn’t necessarily the editorial, but the fact that they were playing a game that requires three players with only two.  You can grab the alternate rules from BoardGameGeek.com here.  It’s the beauty of the Grids we so love in general, that we’re not confined by the directions in the instructions and are free to tweak them to make the games more enjoyable for us!  You could say that certain Pixels like Little Big Planet allow you ultimate freedom, but that’s still only to an extent.  There simply isn’t the space, time, or money to allow complete freedom in a video game.

This one is for all of you HeroClix fans out there.  TabletopGamingNews.com has a post up that points to a blog post over at SaveHeroClix.com that should give you hope.  Topps basically shut down Wizkids back in November of ’08 and left all of their properties in limbo.  The old brand manager took some of those employees, formed a new company called Pinata Games and has been trying to get Hero Clix from them ever since.  It appears that not only has Mr. Jake Theis almost clinched a deal for Hero Clix from Topps, but may have nabbed the rights for some other Wizkids IP not yet named.

Last part of this loooong daily post is a thanks to all of the new people swarming the site along with the commenters.  I hope you enjoy all the work we’ve been putting into the content and the constant refining of the site design by Jim Bradford and Logan Persons.   Please be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed that you will find to the sidebar on the right if you’ve been picking up what we’re putting down.

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PNG Daily 2/27/09: My, What Lovely… Tendrils?


I’m not entirely sure what you call those things on Twilek’s heads.  Kotaku and Joystiq posted about Bioware releasing the first issue of an Old Republic online comic, which will be issued on a bi-weekly basis.  I’m a sucker for the Old Republic setting in Star Wars as I even run that era in our weekly Star Wars tabletop game.  Check out either source for a link to the comic and see what those wily Sith are up to!

Fantasy Flight Games has a little editorial up about the role of Conan in their upcoming Age of Conan board game.  Pretty neat stuff.  I just wonder if there will be dancing and scantily clad women like in the MMO.

Be sure to grab our podcast off of iTunes, Zune Marketplace, or any of the other suggested podcast players via our RSS feed on the sidebar.  Audio quality is much better and we talk about stuff that matters in the world of video games.

And finally, a little T&A courtesy of Kotaku to take us into the weekend.  You’ll find some screenshots of wood elf and chaos cheerleaders for the upcoming Warhammer tactical sports game, Blood Bowl.   Have at it!

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PNG Daily 2/24/09: I Found It!


There muh skull!

The day has come and Mr. Cent has been grabbing some headlines.   Joystiq has a bit of coverage ranging from threats over a conference call to an actual reviewJoystiq and Kotaku are also reporting he wants to make a movie out of Saints Row.  Is there anything this man can’t do?

Much to my dismay, I should probably post some other items that don’t involve Fiddy.  Left 4 Dead got patched on the 360 that should bring it up to snuff with the PC version in terms of balance.  You can find the respective posts here and here.  But that’s not the best news for Left 4 Dead fans by a long shot.  It turns out that the game got it’s own little parody care of the adult film industry.  Zoey apparently gets her swerve on with some undead hotness.  You get diseases that way.  And shame.

And finally, Fantasy Flight Games released their convention schedule for this year and it appears that they won’t be partying it up at Origins this year.

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