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Violent Video Games: Is This a Battle We Should Be Fighting?

Beware!  Extended bouts of Far Cry 2 can cause you to kill everyone you see. Counter Strike can cause premature school shootingPro gaming can lead to untimely death by falling out of a tree.  Sound ridiculous?  Assuming you’re reading this because you are a fan of the hobby, I’m sure it does.  However, what if you’ve never played these games in question?  What if you’ve never even picked up a controller or furiously clicked a mouse?  While I would hope that the majority of people out there would take the necessary steps to educate themselves, or at the very least, keep a sense of skepticism at such absurd sensationalist media, the truth is that too many people believe whatever they see and hear.

What are we to do?  We can try to educate them but that would go over as well as an NRA spokesman trying to teach you the virtues of owning an automatic rifle.   We are biased.  My proposition?  Give them exactly what they want.

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