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Sony E3 2009 Video Extravaganza

Sony E3 2009

Last but not least (or were they?), we have a bunch of videos from Sony’s 2009 E3 keynote.  Jump in after the break to see just what “This Is Living” feels like.

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PNG Audiophile: Drows Over Hoes

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PNG Audiophile – Drows Over Hoes You step into the a dark and frigid cave.  Sputtering torches cast a grim and feeble light across the stone floor.  You hear a sound from beyond a dark doorway.  It’s the PNG Audiophile!  … Continue reading

Final Fantasy XIII Japanese Demo Video

Holy crap.

These clips are directly from the Japanese demo of Final Fantasy XIII. This blogger, personally, is loving the return to the high-tech, futuristic setting. The combat system is back to the traditional turn-based setup, but seems to have a little more of a cinematic flow to it. The second half is after the break.  Check them out and let us know what you think!

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