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My Gencon Wrap-Up

We didn't actually go to the showing, but you could imagine... right?

It’s been a few weeks now since Gencon ended, but the experience has stayed with me.  I wanted to wrap things up with a gallery of pictures I took while I was there, and also some thoughts on things I didn’t cover in full.  I’ll be talking about Mindflex by Mattel, Word of the Street by Out of the Box, and The World of Warcraft TCG by Upperdeck.  So without further delay…

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PNG, Bill Roper, and Champions Online

Everything the light touches is your kingdom...On paper, Champions Online really does seem like Cryptic Studio’s previous outing (City of Heroes/Villians) into a superhero MMO.  As a matter of fact, I believe their only competition in that genre is a game that they themselves created.  So why make another superhero MMO, you know, besides having sold off the City of Heroes/Villains license to NCSoft?  I was able to have a few words with Bill Roper (who had some pretty dope kicks on) of Cryptic Studios while at Gencon to find out exactly why and what separates this Champions Online from the ravenous pack of MMORPGS.
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PNG Gencon Hands On – Dragon Age: Origins (PC)

Dragon Age: Origins

I had the opportunity to give Dragon Age: Origins a shot on PC for 15 to 20 minutes on the show floor while chatting up with the game’s producer Fernando Melo.  It only took that short amount of time to convince me that this would be one of the most satisfying games of 2009 for PC, XBOX 360,  PS3.
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PNG Gencon Hands On – Magic The Gathering: Planechase

Magic the Gathering: PlanechaseDo you enjoy Magic?  Millions across the world do, and this September Wizards of the Coast is releasing their newest iteration of the popular card game called Magic the Gathering: Planechase. I was extremely fortunate over the weekend to get a sneak peak of their newest edition while at Gencon.  Before we get right into things, let me give you exactly what you want to know right here, right now.

Magic the Gathering: Planechase will launch on September 4th 2009, and each deck will retail for $19.99.  Here is what you’ll get inside the box…

  • 10 all-new Plane cards
  • Ready-to-play 60-card deck
  • Six-sided planar die
  • Planechase strategy insert with multiplayer rules

Check out my impressions and more details after the jump…

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The PNG Gencon ’09 Wrap Up

Pixels and Grids, it's like a nuclear bomb.

We’re back from Gencon ’09 and filled to the brim with information, reviews, impressions, and pictures.  Bookmark or keep referring back to this post as I will be linking to each article that comes as a result of our coverage.

An Evening With Gencon’s Event Programming Manager, Derek Guder
So Many Games, So Little Time!
PNG Bro-Down Episode 27 – Rogues Do It From Behind (Decent amount of Gencon stuff)

Hands On Impressions
Warhammer: Invasion
Magic the Gathering: Planechase
Dragon Age: Origins (PC)
Middle Earth Quest

Summer Vacation.  Gencon Edition!
PNG, Bill Roper, and Champions Online
Dave Reid’s Gencon Wrap Up

PNG Gencon Hands On – Warhammer: Invasion

This game is so dope!

I was able to sit down at the Fantasy Flight booth during Gencon for a quick demo of their newest LCG (Living Card Game), Warhammer: Invasion.  Do not consider this a full review, as the game was completely sold out by the middle of the 3rd day of the convention and will not be available until around October.  When the game releases, expect a full review (spoiler alert: It’s fantastic). 

 Set in the Warhammer Fantasy setting, the core set will give you four decks consisting the Empire, Chaos, Dwarf, and Ork factions.  The idea behind Fantasy Flight’s Living Card Game system is that it isn’t necessary to buy any cards beyond this core set.  They will, however, continue to support the game by releasing boosters that will all have the same cards in each pack, a huge difference between games like Magic and the World of Warcraft TCG.  You would only need to buy multiple boosters if you want duplicate copies of certain cards to build a more balanced deck for tourney play.  While the LCG format makes it economically attractive, the simple and fun gameplay is the real gem of this game.
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PNG Bro-down, The Gencon Chronicles Ep1 – An Evening With Derek Guder

PNG Bro-down, The Gencon Chronicles Ep1 – An Evening With Derek Guder Welcome to the first of three very special episodes of the PNG Bro-down recorded live at Gencon ’09.  On this episode we have Gencon’s very own Event Programming … Continue reading

This is Game Town!

 Pixels and Grids, it's like a nuclear bomb.

 Indianapolis… the city of lights, bars, and games.  Its official!  Gencon 2009 is here and so is (some of) the PNG crew.  We got here later than expected today due to some unforeseen issues this morning, but after a long car ride, a lot of SYC, and some refilling of transmission fluid, we arrived precisely when we meant to.  That’s right, just like a Wizard.

Keep an eye on the site.  When we are able to find free internet (we don’t feel like paying for it) we will be sure to keep you as updated as possible.  We want you to feel like you are here with us, except minus the irreversible damage to your liver.

Gencon: Best 4 Days in Gaming Part 3 – When You Don’t Want to Game

Header from Gencon Indy's Home Page

Depending on when you’ll be making your trek to Gencon, it’s now roughly 8 days away.  You’ve got your hotel reservations, your badge and tickets are paid for, and you have your gaming schedule plotted out.  There’s a problem though – you have noticed large gaps in your 4 days that do not consist of rolling dice, tapping mana, or picking up a gamepad.  What does Gencon have to offer you in those desperate hours?  It may sound blasphemous as your read these words, but what if you need a break from all of that gaming?
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Gencon: Best 4 Days in Gaming Part 2 – Gencon’s Got Game

Header from Gencon Indy's Home Page

Welcome to part 2 of PNG’s look into what makes Gencon the best 4 days in gaming.  Last week’s article offered a small glimpse into the majestic splendor of the Dealer Hall, a place where games and other geeky sundries sprawl out waiting to be bought and played.  This week, we get to the meat and gnaw it down to the structural bones of what Gencon is really about for the majority of attendees.  This week, we talk about the almost unlimited amount of gaming that can be done from the moment you arrive in Indianapolis until it comes to that time when your friends have to drag you through the streets, bound, gagged, and weeping to the car for your trip home.
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