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PNG Review – Wanted: Weapons of Fate

wanted-21Publisher:  Warner Bros. Interactive

Developer: Grin

Platforms: XBOX 360, PS3, PC

MSRP: $59.99

Grade:  C-

Just like an irritating rash, movie games just won’t go away.  You can not cure it, but you can treat it.  However, every now and then you just can’t help but reach down and scratch that itch.  Wanted: Weapons of Fate is different though from the standard movie games that release in step with the film, rushed out the door without giving a second thought to creating anything more than what you’ve already seen.  Wanted functions as both a prequel and a sequel to last year’s blockbuster action flick, bringing both familiar and new characters and plot twists to the fold.  So with the developers and writers taking a fresh look and doing it the right way, have they managed to buck the trend of Hollywood tripe and deliver a game worth playing?  Find out after the break

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